07 June 2015

Preview: A couple of unfinished pieces

Hello my Darlings,
Hope you are well, enjoying the summer and all the delights that it has to offer.
Sunshines, holidays, strawberries, ice lollies... etc.

I have a few pieces to share with ya all... you've seen a couple of snaps over on Insta but I now created a Time Lapse for you to see also. These pieces are yet to be completed... But you guys can have a sneaky preview anyways, just because its you, and I love you.

The piece of music I used for these videos is the stunning Dance of Ghosts by Jonathan Simmons. You can find out more about his tunes on his Soundcloud page as well as Hitrecord Page.
I just fell in love with this music I HAD to use it for both videos. Because, I'm like that.
You know that right?
I personally think that his music its stunning! Check him out!

Here they are:
Please feel free to share them, maybe they will inspire others to be creative with their artistic talents!

I will be posting the finished paintings and videos in the near future here on the blog...
But of course if you follow me on Insta/FB/Twitter you will know about it first.
And if you are interested in commissioning or purchasing one of my pieces, come over here and send me a message - rather then a comment on insta as occasionally I miss those!
Thank you guys.

Love you very much,
Keep alive and happy!



  2. These two videos are really inspiring... I shall share them with my niece who is an aspiring artist. Thank you - Lucy

  3. I like the first one a LOT!

  4. Beautiful artworks. The music is very nice as well.
    Will you sell prints of these?

  5. Such a fun of your artworks Giulia. By the way. Thank you for the email updates last month. love the free shipping discount for prints. My wife loved it. Thank you.

  6. Who designed your web site? it's so girly and beautiful!!!


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