03 February 2015

Another version of the Angel Song I love.

Hello my lovely people,
do you remember when I was telling you guys about the song I love so much?
Well recently a friend shared this with me on Facebook... and I fell in love with it!
It's so beautiful... Almost, I want to say... More beautiful then the original song.

I love that! There is nothing worse then a cover worse then the original song. I think, If you are to 'remake - 'remix' - 'redo'
(Which I don't believe it to be wrong in any way, by the way)
Just like the "Steal Like An Artist" concept by Austin Kleon - or the idea behind Joseph Gordon Levitt's Hitrecord. I love Hitrecord and the idea of remixing artworks, collaborating with other artists to create something even greater!

When Remixing, Redoing, Remaking an Artwork, the result has got to be an improvement on the original work... or a different twist on the original work.
A bit like the students artworks in Mona Lisa Smile...

Have a beautiful and creative day.

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