17 February 2015

I left my Heart in Rome

Hello Darlings,
Here it is the Time Lapse Video of 

I  L E F T  M Y  H E A R T  I N  R O M E

More time lapse coming soon! 


10 February 2015

Guilt Free Treat

R A W   V E G A N 
i c e - c r e a m

All you need for this:

1. Some frozen fruit
2. Blender

(Blender with frozen dessert option - I use a Champion Juicer, but there are many others)


Freeze your fruit. 
Strawberries and raspberry can go in pretty much as they are (I don't even remove the green bits, I'm so lazy). If you want to make bananas ice cream be sure to ripe your bananas well before freezing. They need to have some black spots on their skin. Then peel the bananas and stick them in freezer chopped in pieces.


Stick the fruit in the blender/juicer and go for it. I like to blend fruit one at the time rather then mix it, but you can do pretty much whatever you like! You really cannot go wrong with this. 

Banana ice-cream is smooth and vanilla like texture, while frozen berries ice-cream will be more like a sorbet. So you can use bananas to make other flavours more creamy.

Hope you enjoy it... send me pictures of your delicious treats!

08 February 2015

The Mixed Media phase

I am officially into my Mixed Media phase.
It's weird
I've always love watercolour... since, well, forever!
I loved the challenge that water-colour and ink offers to an Artist to grow and expand improving  their skills with every single stroke of paint.

But at time I felt a little bit limited with water-colour; and I always wanted to experiment with it in a more 'unconventional' way. (Remember this?)

Recently, I have re-discovered the delights of Mixed Media Art, and I am loving it!
I used to do mixed media art in my teens, well before my Art training, and at the time, it was my favourite!

I have always been a collector for things.
I actually think that every Artist is a collector

Artists save that piece of scrap paper because the colour its just the one that they adore. They save maps because they are oh so gorgeous. They save music sheets because they are so poetic and romantic. They save stamps because they consider them miniature paintings that could not be possibly be throw into the recycle. They save petals, because it remind them of happy summer days wondering about in a field of grass.

 I have all of these things... I have always collected them and kept them knowing that someday I would use them in my Artworks. Now the time has really come!

I had loads of fun with my new mixed media paintings recently.
Happy to say that I've been filming the work in progress of each piece, so you shall soon see them coming along from start to finish.

These pieces are also going to be up the Society 6 Art Store, available as prints, cards, cushions and more...

~ By the way I have 3 Society6 stores, did you know? ~

↓ C L I C K images to open S H O P S 


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03 February 2015

Another version of the Angel Song I love.

Hello my lovely people,
do you remember when I was telling you guys about the song I love so much?
Well recently a friend shared this with me on Facebook... and I fell in love with it!
It's so beautiful... Almost, I want to say... More beautiful then the original song.

I love that! There is nothing worse then a cover worse then the original song. I think, If you are to 'remake - 'remix' - 'redo'
(Which I don't believe it to be wrong in any way, by the way)
Just like the "Steal Like An Artist" concept by Austin Kleon - or the idea behind Joseph Gordon Levitt's Hitrecord. I love Hitrecord and the idea of remixing artworks, collaborating with other artists to create something even greater!

When Remixing, Redoing, Remaking an Artwork, the result has got to be an improvement on the original work... or a different twist on the original work.
A bit like the students artworks in Mona Lisa Smile...

Have a beautiful and creative day.