13 January 2015

Waffles = Happiness

When you wake up at the sun is shining is the best, right?
Well today was one of those days. I woke up thinking: 'Todays, it's going to be great!'

I made some freshly squeezed orange juice and chocolate waffles! Yummy!!!
Here is the recipe for these bad boys. 
Enjoy it.

Vegan Waffle Recipe:

(This recipe makes 4 waffles in an Andrew James waffle maker - if you have a larger machine double the size)

1 cup of organic plain flour
1 teaspoon sugar (I use Raw Coconut Palm)
1/2 teaspoon salt (I use pink Himalayan salt or sea salt)
1 teaspoon of baking powder
1 teaspoon of vanilla (I use organic vanilla paste)
1 spoon of melted coconut oil (gently melt it at low heat)
1 cup of rice milk 

Put all of the dry ingredients in a bowl; mix well. add the wet ingredients and mix again, removing all of the lumps of flour. Takes a couple of minutes. i squash the mixture on the side of the bowl with a wooden spoon.

Vegan Chocolate Sauce Recipe:

(Makes enough for 2 waffles; I usually have 2 chocolate waffles the other 2 with lemon and rice syrup!)

1 spoon raw coconut oil 
1 spoon of sugar (I use raw coconut palm sugar)
1 spoon of chocolate powder (I use raw cocoa)
2 spoons of rice milk

Gently melt 1 spoon of coconut oil at very low heat. Add the sugar, mix well, add the chocolate powder. Mix well. Add a little rice milk and mix again. And it's done!

Been enjoying all of the music I received for xmas. this one is one of them. #love it!

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