02 January 2015

Miracle, the Bee

This is the story of Miracle.
Miracle is a Bee, I found yesterday on the outside windowsill of my lounge.
She was completely still and looked completely dead. What are you doing there wolly?! Shouldnt you be in hibernation somewhere warm and cosy?

However, since I had not see her there in the morning, It could not have been there too long.
I picked her up, (and while doing her dropped her on the floor... sorry bee!!!)
It was dark out, so I went and got a touch, and found her in amongst the sage.
I put her on a tray and put a drop of Manuka honey that I had since my pre-vegan days, and placed it right next to her little face. No sign of life.

I was praying that she would come back, and while doing that, I began blowing warm air on her. Nothing, nada. But after about a minute, of blowing hot air, I saw that her leg started to move a little! So I carried on. After a little while, she began drinking the Manuka honey! 
I could not believe it!
I found a net cake protector to place on top of the tray before she woke up completely, and kept her in my warm cosy studio. Shortly after she was buzzing around her 'new home'. 
I introduced her to a wild bee come I found in the woods, and she was well excited about that!
Today I gave her a Croatian honeycome that I had in the cupboard since my honeymoon three years ago (seems appropriate!) to munch on, since Manuka honey it's well strong. She is so into it!
I intend to release my little Miracle Bee, but I am a little weary about it, because it has been so cold out there, and I don't want her to die. But according to the Met Office the weather its supposed to be milder, so maybe tomorrow is the day when she will find her freedom once again.
I am so proud to have saved this little bee from sure death, and given her the care she needed. I am looking forward to see her fly away in the morning and pray she will find her way home!
She certainly will have lots to tell her friends back in the nest!
What a way to finish the year and beginning the year, with a Miracle!

Love to you all 

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