05 November 2014

Running for Whales and Dolphins

This coming December I am doing a 'Santa Run' in London. A Santa run is an event in which lots of caring people take the time to run to raise funds for their charities. 
This year I decided to run for WDC.
WDC is a charity that is working hard to get Whaling Banned and to create safe Havens, (protected ocean areas) for creatures of the sea. 

Will you sponsor me?
Even a small £1 donation will make a difference.


If you have an ethical business and make a donation for my cause I will mention your name and web site on a feature article on this web site as well as mention you and you business in my social media accounts. If you have made a donation and would like a shameless plug, drop me a line here, including the name of your business and how much you have donated.

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