13 November 2014

"The Dorkinians" - by Andrew Shaylor

 Photograph by © Andrew Shaylor 2014

My portrait, photographed by Andrew Shaylor on June 2014, during 'Surrey Open Studios'.
This picture and many others part of a project called "The Dorkinians", Portrait of a Community.
I am feel so honoured! Please read more about the project on Andrew's Blog Post.

I will be in the Dorking Halls from today until Sunday 30th November.
It will also be at the Dorking Museum from 11th December 2014 to January 3rd 2015.

Don't miss it!
Also check out Andrew Shaylor's stunning portfolio.

11 November 2014

05 November 2014

Running for Whales and Dolphins

This coming December I am doing a 'Santa Run' in London. A Santa run is an event in which lots of caring people take the time to run to raise funds for their charities. 
This year I decided to run for WDC.
WDC is a charity that is working hard to get Whaling Banned and to create safe Havens, (protected ocean areas) for creatures of the sea. 

Will you sponsor me?
Even a small £1 donation will make a difference.


If you have an ethical business and make a donation for my cause I will mention your name and web site on a feature article on this web site as well as mention you and you business in my social media accounts. If you have made a donation and would like a shameless plug, drop me a line here, including the name of your business and how much you have donated.