30 July 2014

#love and angel song

i swear Joseph Keefe has the voice of an angel.
i love this song with all my heart.
go over to you tube and give it some thumbs up if you do too...

25 July 2014

Goodbye Jack

Last Friday at 9.30pm my beloved Jack has crossed over to the other side.

I love this dog with all my soul, and it was really hard to see him go.
My brother and I flew to Italy to see him for the last time and to say goodbye. He was so happy to see us both! Jason bought Jack a new squeakily toy, he loved it. My Autie was also in Italy over from the US so she came to say goodbye and brought him his favorite dog cookies.

We spent the last few days always by his side, indoors or in the garden under the shade of the trees. We were cuddling him, feeding him, talking to him, and helping him to drink and assist him in anyway we could.

On Friday afternoon I picked roses and lavender flowers from my mum's garden, and put them on him when it was over, in memory of all the times he used to spend relaxing and playing the garden.

Goodnight Piccolo Jack.

Love you forever and ever.

13 July 2014


This cutie will soon be available as cards and print in my store
to brigten up your home or the life or someone in need

Have a wonderful week end

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12 July 2014

New items in store...


Hello everybody,
How are you all?

I hope great. This is a little something I've been working on for my turquoise themed bedroom.
It looks so cute!

Here some pictures of the working in progress...

By the way if you like this, I take custom orders for artworks like this, and you can message me about it here.

 New items in the shop!

03 July 2014

Summer Water

Today I made this drink to keep me going while painting, and it looked so pretty I had to take a snap.
Super easy, hope you enjoy it!

-Raspberry Ice cubes
-Lemon slice
-Lemon Balm
-Lemon juice

Mid-summer shop update

Stay tuned, for on Sunday evening there will be a big summer shop update with lots of new cute things and...

the guys that are on my newsletter list will also receive a special magical surprise!

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I will be sending out the newsletter on Sunday at 9pm London time!

02 July 2014

Pics on the go...


I'm finally on Instagram!
So much fun.
Come and see what I'm up to day by day over here!




Magenta Glory

I forgot to share this pic the other day!


Magenta flowers pattern!

more coming soon.

Have a wonderful Thursday dearest.