26 June 2014

Petals of a daisy

Hello my lovelies,
Hope you are all well. I am very well.
Been working lots on commissions, client work, and a little bit of super fun things...

Last night I spent a couple of hours re-arranging my art studio. I packed away display units used for my Open Studio Event, moved my big desk in front of the window where it was over a year ago. I love it by the window...! lots of summer rays and most of all, loads of space in the middle of the studio. I missed all that space. I also created a designated computer area space onto another (little) desk on the other side of the room. So nice! I have the computer on most of the time, because i love to listen to the radio, music and podcasts, while I paint... but it's so ginormous that takes so much space and so much light! I can't stand not having enough space when I work.
I'll see to take some snaps of the studio and post them here in the next few days.
If I could express into music the way I feel about my adorable little studio It would be this piece by Patrick Doyle... I just adore it...!

And here some snaps of bits and pieces I've been working on.
Lots of flowery colourful tones which just have 'summer' imprinted all over them.
I adore them.

I am utterly, utterly in love with Ang Lee's 1995 production of 'Sense and Sensibility', as you know, I mentioned it once or twice! But this is the piece which I just die for. It's
p e r f e c t !
Thank you Patrick Doyle!

I received the soundtrack for my birthday last year, so sometimes I just keep it going in the car on a loop on this song. As I listen to the notes I can clearly see Elinor dancing with Mr R. Ferrars (not E. Ferrars! - if you seen it you know what I am on about!) and then, surprise surprise, Willoughby turns up (WOW- and he's so hot) and it's all a it awkward and completely unexpected!!! (even if you watched it hundred times, its still takes you by surprise. Everything seems to be going so fast in this scene! Before you can say 'WHAT?!' Marianne across the rooms sees Willouby and she is like: "OMG!" And the rooms goes dead quiet and all weird. I could watch this scene thousand times and never get tired of it! LOVE IT, LOVE IT LOVE IT!
Of course, stinky traitor Mr Willoughby ends up to be not as charming as we once thought, but hey, that's real life for you...
We have all met those guys that seems so great and sweep you off your feet, but after all they reveal themselves to be... well just a big disappointment really.
Thank you Jane A. for warning us all a couple of centuries ago... too bad that girls never listen. hey!
I love, love, love Colonel Brandon, he is so ADORABLE! I mean I know - I know. Marianne could literally be his daughter... but he is so charming, thoughtful, deliciously polite and, ooh so sweet. I love him. I think Alan Rickman played his part ooh so well (double omg). And he turns up to be such an hero!
Goodness gracious me.
I really din't mean to make this post all about Sense and Sensibility 1995, but hey, this is how things go sometimes. And the music it's ooh so inspiring.
Love you and leave you

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