08 June 2014

A-Tisket A-Tasket story of an inner child

Hello everybody!
Hope you are having a great weekend.
I went to see Cheryl Richarson in London yesterday and absolutely loved her workshop!

She talked about self care, did some first hand coaching with people, taken questions, and talked about the inner child.
In regards to the inner child, Cheryl was saying how the small traumas that we experience when as children really impact us on a deeper level when the trauma is not being processed at the time. I found this extremely fascinating and interesting.
As at the moment I am playing Elle Fitzgerald in my car, and listening to this song on a loop I think it very much fits the bill here...

For instance, when something happens to a child, for example the child falls from his or her's bike and hurts him/herself as parents or as adults we tend to say things like "it's ok, you are fine"
This tells the child that it's not ok to cry or to feel a 'negative' emotion. In essence we are telling that child to cheer up and stop being sad. This is how children become detached from their emotions, and perceive sad emotions as negative and therefore to avoid or not to talk about.
Instead, Cheryl suggested that we should let the child experience that emotion, encourage that emotion to be he healed by letting the child tell his/her story, to as many people as possible. Then, after 3 or 4 times that the child tells the story the emotional charge is gone and the inner wound is healed...

Curiously, (or not-depending on your belief system) Teal also talked about the topic on trauma related to parenting in this week's Q&A. 

Have a wonderful week



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