27 June 2014

Flocking together...

Here is a little something I'm working on right now

Have a lovely week end 


26 June 2014

Petals of a daisy

Hello my lovelies,
Hope you are all well. I am very well.
Been working lots on commissions, client work, and a little bit of super fun things...

Last night I spent a couple of hours re-arranging my art studio. I packed away display units used for my Open Studio Event, moved my big desk in front of the window where it was over a year ago. I love it by the window...! lots of summer rays and most of all, loads of space in the middle of the studio. I missed all that space. I also created a designated computer area space onto another (little) desk on the other side of the room. So nice! I have the computer on most of the time, because i love to listen to the radio, music and podcasts, while I paint... but it's so ginormous that takes so much space and so much light! I can't stand not having enough space when I work.
I'll see to take some snaps of the studio and post them here in the next few days.
If I could express into music the way I feel about my adorable little studio It would be this piece by Patrick Doyle... I just adore it...!

And here some snaps of bits and pieces I've been working on.
Lots of flowery colourful tones which just have 'summer' imprinted all over them.
I adore them.

I am utterly, utterly in love with Ang Lee's 1995 production of 'Sense and Sensibility', as you know, I mentioned it once or twice! But this is the piece which I just die for. It's
p e r f e c t !
Thank you Patrick Doyle!

I received the soundtrack for my birthday last year, so sometimes I just keep it going in the car on a loop on this song. As I listen to the notes I can clearly see Elinor dancing with Mr R. Ferrars (not E. Ferrars! - if you seen it you know what I am on about!) and then, surprise surprise, Willoughby turns up (WOW- and he's so hot) and it's all a it awkward and completely unexpected!!! (even if you watched it hundred times, its still takes you by surprise. Everything seems to be going so fast in this scene! Before you can say 'WHAT?!' Marianne across the rooms sees Willouby and she is like: "OMG!" And the rooms goes dead quiet and all weird. I could watch this scene thousand times and never get tired of it! LOVE IT, LOVE IT LOVE IT!
Of course, stinky traitor Mr Willoughby ends up to be not as charming as we once thought, but hey, that's real life for you...
We have all met those guys that seems so great and sweep you off your feet, but after all they reveal themselves to be... well just a big disappointment really.
Thank you Jane A. for warning us all a couple of centuries ago... too bad that girls never listen. hey!
I love, love, love Colonel Brandon, he is so ADORABLE! I mean I know - I know. Marianne could literally be his daughter... but he is so charming, thoughtful, deliciously polite and, ooh so sweet. I love him. I think Alan Rickman played his part ooh so well (double omg). And he turns up to be such an hero!
Goodness gracious me.
I really din't mean to make this post all about Sense and Sensibility 1995, but hey, this is how things go sometimes. And the music it's ooh so inspiring.
Love you and leave you

12 June 2014

The Happy Twin

Hi Everybody, hope you are having a wonderful week
This is a little sketch I've been working on today!


Much love

08 June 2014

A-Tisket A-Tasket story of an inner child

Hello everybody!
Hope you are having a great weekend.
I went to see Cheryl Richarson in London yesterday and absolutely loved her workshop!

She talked about self care, did some first hand coaching with people, taken questions, and talked about the inner child.
In regards to the inner child, Cheryl was saying how the small traumas that we experience when as children really impact us on a deeper level when the trauma is not being processed at the time. I found this extremely fascinating and interesting.
As at the moment I am playing Elle Fitzgerald in my car, and listening to this song on a loop I think it very much fits the bill here...

For instance, when something happens to a child, for example the child falls from his or her's bike and hurts him/herself as parents or as adults we tend to say things like "it's ok, you are fine"
This tells the child that it's not ok to cry or to feel a 'negative' emotion. In essence we are telling that child to cheer up and stop being sad. This is how children become detached from their emotions, and perceive sad emotions as negative and therefore to avoid or not to talk about.
Instead, Cheryl suggested that we should let the child experience that emotion, encourage that emotion to be he healed by letting the child tell his/her story, to as many people as possible. Then, after 3 or 4 times that the child tells the story the emotional charge is gone and the inner wound is healed...

Curiously, (or not-depending on your belief system) Teal also talked about the topic on trauma related to parenting in this week's Q&A. 

Have a wonderful week



05 June 2014

Stepping into the shadow

Hello everybody,
Super excited about this film!

Have you seen in? 
We watched it last week end and absolutely adored it...
This film it's not what it looks like from the trailer. It's so much more...
 If you haven't see this film yet, you may want to stop reading now (spoilers ahead!)

First of all, I really love how the story is told from the opposite perspective then the usual fairytale. In this film we hear and see the story of the 'villain' rather then the 'hero' (and we will see how there is no such thing as a villain later on)...
This film goes deep into the shadow. It explains how and why the ego does what it does when we let it. 
First, the film explores the magical realm of the fairies and pixies, with amazing beautiful visuals that will take your breath away.
I loved the flying mer-people, what a beautiful twist to the usual iconography of these creatures.
We meet and fall in love with Maleficent; we see her story, her life and her will to save and protect the fairy kingdom from the human world when it is threatened. She reminded me of the wickedness, earthiness and power of Shakespeare's Pan.

Maleficent is a mythical creature; Beautiful big, brown, eagle-like (or angel like) wings allowed her to move swiftly wherever needed. Strong dark horns her head.
I know that when people see horns they automatically see the devil. But horns on a head don't make someone evil by default! Let's not forget that the creation of the devil is, and always was, man-made. It represents a shadow side that it is in each and every human being.
But before that, well over 4,000 years ago, the bull horns represented power, authority, respect in many religions across the globe. In the ancient Egyptian religion it was "Hapis" (Then Ptah, Osiris and Atum); In hinduism it was "Nandi" (meaning 'who brings joy') and so on.
Then the symbol of the horns was corrupted by the 'new religions' with the advent of the Old Testament and ever-since then, it has been connected to the sin of man, and hell (hell was also man-made to control the masses to oblige and obey to one patriarchal religion)
No, there is nothing evil about Maleficent, despite her name. She is full of love, compassion and extreme power. She is the one that puts a spell on a child as revenge toward man who
 who ripped off her wings off in order to become king. The act of the spell, was of course a selfish and egotistic act, one that she herself regretted doing. This part of the film is one of the most beautiful ones; it brought tears to my eyes. Here you see that the ego can be dismantled by the love and compassion that each and everyone is capable of.
Of course, if you are to tell the story of The Sleeping Beauty, you have to keep the characters names otherwise you might as well write a different story. In the original cartoon we have dark as we know it and light as we know it. We have evil forces verses good forces. We have the villain and we have the hero.
In Disney 1959's feature we witness the victimisation of 'good' characters and the condemnation of the 'bad' characters. We are told that there is 'good' and 'evil' and nothing stands in between. But times have changed, people are becoming more and more empowered.  In 2014's feature, 55 years later from the cartoon, (55 is also very significant number) we harness the power of true love and compassion. The redemption from ones mistake.
It is Maleficent that saves Aurora with a kiss, not the prince.

So, if you do insist to see Maleficent as a villain, in this film you will be forced to see that the villain has in majority, a tender loving side to her; and the one action of placing a spell on Aurora, was the one time egotistic mistake of revenge, rather then the one's life mission to destroy love and harmony within in a kingdom as it is portrayed in the original Disney's feature.

This film teaches us to see things from different perspective, not to give thing for granted.
The character of the King for instance, who is he? He is a thief right from the beginning of the film. He desires to experience love, but along the way choses to betray love in exchange it for power. Not only that, he knows the one weakness of Maleficent and uses this knowledge to destroy her. He is a man consumed by fear and revenge.

So I would encourage you to step in the shadow; and you'll see that it is not frightening as you might think it is. This film offer an in dept look at the archetypes, for example:

Maleficent: is the Magician - powers of perception, intuition, cleverness
facing the challenges of trickery, and manipulation.

The King: The Sovereign - Order, stability, control, tradition
facing the challenges of entitlement and greed.

The Raven: Sage - Wisdom, intelligence, clarity of thought, rational decision making
facing the challenges of feeling disconnected, and passiveness.

I find in ingenious!
If people were to truly harness the this power they would learn a lot about themselves. 
So, to those who believe that his film was made as a way to control and program the masses, I would just say this:
1) no-one can be controlled and programmed without your permission
2) if people were to be programmed with the qualities of this film, which are in essence, love and compassion, it would probably be a very good thing.
3)if you believe that you are creating your reality what does this conspiracy theory say about you?
Hope you will love it, 
Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below!