25 February 2014

Ah! L'amour!

Hello my dearests,

Hope you are having the most wonderful February. Here the rain as finally stop coming down from the heavens and everyones seems to be a little relieved about that...
Still winter, however mild and grey, but March and the Spring is just around the corner!

Valentines was sweet and wonderful. I loved the build up to it! About a week before the 14th I had already put up hearts garlands around the house (they were sweet!) I got 6 for about £2.50, such a bargain and worth every penny: They looked great! Really long too and Twist was trying to catch them, she is such a silly bunny sometimes.

(And by the way, just so you don't think I am a Valentine's extremist - the living room was already decorated in antique red!)

Been doing this little Wedding invitation design for a friend of mine, here there is <3 nbsp="">

The theme was pastel green and pastel blue, so it was a little tricky to work other colours, since pink and yellow or orange don't really work on green that well; I tried all sort of different versions of flowers and in the end nothing really worked except for white.
But I must say I quite like the white flowers, and it just says 'wedding' all over it!

I worked with acrylics on paper, i really wanted to give it some texture, so i did several layers using white strokes to lighten the colours. This design may well go up on the shop very soon; i'll let you know...

I was quite disappointed that the colour strokes did not show very much in my final pictures. :( Not fair! Scanning was such a waste of time; the tiny scanner I have Is really not up for the job!
So I used my little camera, my sweet little portable Canon. Is 7 years old and still going strong! 

However, I have been thinking for quite sometime to get a new camera; one I can use for filming as well and taking pictures. Now I am trying to decide between these two: Canon EOS 1100D or a Nikon D3200. If any of you guys know anything about cameras do let me know, I love to know what you think! 
Working a lot over here at the moment, come and take a peek if you like! I'm hosting several Meditation based Workshops in the course of the coming months! Sooo exciting! 

Much love to you all
And have the most wonderful end of February Dears x

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