12 January 2014

The Holiday Recap

Hope you had an awesome Christmas and New Years!

I was sick just before Christmas this year, but it all went away by the time Christmas came round. Had an awesome Christmas Eve, with my bro, who lives in the uk too now, yay! ♥ 

On Christmas day we had stocking, and oh my, Santa was so generous this year!
I got a pair of slipper socks, a candle from Mystery Mountain (love that shop!) herbal teas, chocolates… Lots of nice things! Thank you Santa!
Amongst the most awesome "prezzy": Led Zeppelin t-shirt (Thank you Honey!) a great water bottle made with copper (WOW! super cool, super healthy, thank you Honey!) a two litre hob kettle (thank you Bro!) A Magimix for my raw vegan cheese cakes and hummus making (thank you Nan!) Amazing pencil sharpener (thank you Angie!) set of hat and gloves, lots of yummi foods, cinema vouchers and so much more. It has been just wonderful…

We had lots of time to relax and to go on walks, even if the weather was quite wet… we always had a fire to come back to! And Twist is finally understanding the delights of the fireplace and starting to enjoy it (she used to be scared of the the fire last year)

We had lots of chilling out and lots of cooking. We even made a Vegan Panettone in our bread machine! Doesn't it look awesome?!

Here it goes… so easy!


1/2 tsp yeast
300g Organic Plain White Flour
4 tbsp Agave Nectar
2 tbsp Organic Margarine
1/4 tsp salt
1 Ground Lemon Zest
140 ml Milk alternative
50 g mixed peel (optional)
50g-100g Raisins (to taste-or use chocolate chips!)

1) Mix it all up in your bread machine/mixer, let it rest for about 2 hours

2) The place it in a cake tin and put it in a warm place for at least 1 hour (should double in size)

3) Bake at 150* degrees for 30 minutes.

Jason also decorated it with a chocolate sauce; (I think he made it mixing margarine with chocolate and agave… but i'm not entirely sure! Anyway... i'm sure there are tonnes of recipe for vegan cake decoration…)
Enjoy peeps!
And remember… Panettone it's not just for Christmas you know.
oh, and I love this song!!!
And Micheal, The Passenger, happens to be the son of chap that sings on Shoreham at Sea  with a friend of mine! Just knowing that she knows his dad almost makes me feel famous by association! Isnt this funny and super silly?
Anyway. He is great. Please give this song some love by liking this song on You Tube! He deserves it!

New Years was great. We went out for a meal at lunch time, then watched a movie in the evening with a lovely meal, fell asleep with Twist on our bed shortly after midnight. We went to sleep early so that we could make the most of New Years day! We went to this spa and I loved it!!! Swimming pool, gym, hot steam room, amazing vegan meal, cool mini cinema experience… it was great :) so so nice!

My New years resolution? Yoga course! I found some great classes close to where I live… and I'm staring my new class this week! YAY!

Also improved storage solution in my home. I discovered this lady and I love her approach. She has given me a lot of ideas of how I can improve my already cute and tidy office space, and sorting out areas that perhaps weren't so tidy before (e.g. garage!) (you can see a free video here if you register) I'm so inspired about this I am telling everybody about it! I even shared this with my mom (who is really messy! Sorry mom, but it's true!) I've put together a little board on pinterest, for all you messy bunnies out there… Hope this board will inspire you!

Yesterday I spent the evening getting rid of clutter in the garage and moving Christmas decoration boxes there…mmmh… we have 5 huge boxes!!! I do love my Christmas decorations I must say. Anyway, it looks so nice in there now I could sleep in it!
I hope you will love it!

I'm doing lots of work with my healing web site and healing work, you can find information here if you are interested. I do videos, and readings and spiritual paintings and so much more. 
For now I am going to go and edit some videos for you peeps.
Much love


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