29 November 2013

24 November 2013

New! Robin Thank you Cards

Some new cards for my winter collection @ The Card Tree

They are made with recycled paper and wrapped in biodegradable sleeves.

You can find them here

22 November 2013

working on...

Hello darlings,
here is a pic of what im working on right now:

more coming up soon...
stay tuned!

much love


10 November 2013

11-11-13 is a special day!

it's my Birthday!


click above to visit my shop, then at checkout insert the code HAPPY29TH to receive your discount.

Have a wonderful week



07 November 2013

New! Winter Wonderland Cards

Excited to post about these!
Now available in my shop...

and writing sets are also available!

Much Love 


06 November 2013

Working on

Winter wonderlands!

coming soon as cards, writing sets, mugs, and other delights - 
soon available in my store… just one click away!

much love


04 November 2013

Fall ideas

Get inspired with this #thanksgiving board on Pinterest!

Happy November everybody!

02 November 2013

Halloween Special - Part II

I hope you all had a wonderful Halloween!

We had the best time this week. Our house was decorated with skeletons, cobwebs, and bats garlands, We engaged in the traditional pumpkin caving activity, and pumpkin recipe cooking and baking; (some of which i surely be sharing with you soon!) We dressed up, I was the 'Ghost of a Christmas past', Jason was the 'Joker', and my brother was a werewolf.  In the evening we watched a scary film (case 29 with Rene Zellweger)

Here some pics!
More coming soon.
Much love

super scary!