12 October 2013

The Global March Against Monsanto and other GMO companies - 12 October 2013

So excited to share!
Today I took part in The Global March Against Monsanto in London.

It was a beautiful sunny day, and the protest was completely peaceful, super positive and wonderfully organised. It is so good to make our voices heard in a peaceful way.
Ultimately I think Monsanto and all of the other GMO companies will carry on doing what they are doing.

The only real way to stop them from taking over is to STOP supporting the companies that use GMO.
Do you know which one they are?

I saw some people today marching against Monsanto today, some angry people. Some were shouting loudly to make their voices heard. But, they were also smoking tobacco… Did you know that 90% of tobacco is genetically modified? I also saw people drinking ordinary coffee. Coffee, unless it's organic and unless its fair-trade, its Genetically Modified. I am not here to judge, at all. I just want people to think. Go to a protest just isn't enought to change the world. You've got to do it, every day, for the rest of your life. You've got to commit to your cause and do the best you can. You've got to think, you've got to connect the dots. Because it is as a cunsurmer most and foremost, that you are making the difference in tis world. You can choose who to give your money too. If you are having Kelloggs' cerals in the morning, guess who you are giving your money to?

GMO hides in so many 'innocent' - 'good for you' foods and products. A good way to find out which ones are the GMO friendly companies, is to look at the ones went against the GMO labelling bill, known as (Yes on 37). Also, another good way, is to buy and support Organic and Fair-trade.

I heard some people today that asked the crowd to support the "Local Farmers Markets". I went to the local markets here in Dorking, Surrey, and I have never once saw a farmer there. All I saw where business people who shop at the big market in London and buy imported food from abroad. I never once saw an organic piece of fruit and veg. So, I personally do not believe in the 'Local Farmers Market' - but I know that this cannot be the case everywhere. There must be places out there, where organic farmers actually sell their organic produce. There... support them. Ask questions, seek answers. Don't just assume because you buy it locally, it is actually local and GMO free. This is especially true for meat produce. It may be local, but if the farmer is feeding the animal non-organic feed, chances are that feed contains GMO in it. You've got to know where your food REALLY comes from.
Let me close up these reflections on a positive note.

It was great to have some celebrities to support our cause! A big thank you to Doreen Virtue and Radleygh Valentine two great Hay House Authors. It was great to see you both and to march side by side!


Thank you so much for taking part!

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