07 October 2013

My Vegan Chocolate Brownies

Right, so yesterday I went to a fair and there were lots of nice stalls selling delicious cakes. However, none of them were vegan!!! So I came home a little bit dishearten and with and intense desire for a chocolate brownie. In the kitchen I went and began experimenting! 

Here is my recipe; try it out and let me know what you think. To me, these are the best chocolate brownies I had ever tasted. And most important, they are totally, unequivocally, cruelty free!!! It's a naughty recipe, because there is a lot of sugar; however, I can assure you that even one tiny square of this delight is rich, filling and satisfying. 
This recipe makes A LOT of brownies. You can make a load and freeze a few, or share them with friends and family. Or… since it's October why not make this as Halloween treats?
(If you do make them for Halloween, I would recommend leaving the nuts out)
They are chocolaty, rich, intense, quick and cheap to make!

T H E   R E C I P E 


350g organic plain flour
180-200g organic sugar (to taste)
1 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon baking powder
65g organic & fair-trade cocoa powder
handful of chopped organic pecan nuts

250 ml rice bran oil (or another good quality vegetable oil but needs to be tasteless)
300ml warm water

P r e p a r a t i o n: 

{Preparation time 5 minutes}

In a large bowl mix all the dry ingredients:
flour, sugar, salt, baking powder, cocoa.
Once is all well mixed add the oil, then mix. 
Add the water, mix.
Add the chopped nuts.

Place the mixture in a lined baking tray.

B a k i n g: 

If you only use one ceramic tray (like I did) cook for at least 35min at 180*; then check if they are cooked, however you might need to cook them for another 10-15 minutes according to the oven you are using.

If you spilt the content in two lined metal trays cook for 25min at 180* then check with a knife if they are ready (dig the knife into the cake, if knife comes out dirty they need extra cooking, if it comes out clean they are good to go)

Once they are out of the oven wait 10 min before cutting them into squares.
Leave to cool before eating.

I hope you enjoy this.
Have a wonderful week



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  1. These look lovely, and although I am not a Vegan, a member of my family is, so I will try these and pass them on!! :)


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