25 October 2013

Halloween special - Part 1

Hello dearest,
Hope you are doing really well!
I'm getting excited about Halloween. As usual we are going to have a dress up party!
I got my costume (pumpkin), except, turns out it's massive and does not fit me! So i'm hunting down another dress, and I hope it will come it time for next week. 

Ѽ Got my pumpkins!  Ѽ
{i'll post some pictures in the coming week}

and i'm going to make some bake and prepare some Halloween Vegan treats. Perhaps these brownies are going to be part of the menu' - decorated with some orange peel… as they are just so amazing!
But I will definitely experiment some new recipes too:
I already got some ideas… Here is my Halloween pinterest board!

I also created Halloween Party invites 
You can instantly download this from my shop
They are only $4 (£2.53) and you can print as many as you want!

Or you can get these little cuties:
I do them as gift tags or mini party invites

More coming up soon,
in the meantime Happy Harvest and Happy Halloween!


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