27 October 2013

Do you think I'm nuts?

Here 2 Nuts-based recipe to prove you right!

Prep time: 5m - Makes 700ml Nut Milk


- Handful of Organic Almonds / or other nuts (experiment with it!)
- 700ml Water
- A pinch of salt
- 2-3 Dates (optional)

1)Soak the almonds overnight. Once soaked, rinse well with fresh water.
2) Place the nuts in a blender with 700ml water (and dates) and blend away.
3) Place a cheese cloth (I use this one) onto a large bowl, and start squeezing the 'nut milk' from the bag. Squeeze until no more liquid comes out.

And there is your Nut Milk, right there!
Enjoy as it is, or with cereals in the morning…

Mix with ice and chocolate/bananas/strawberries to make a nutritions milkshake in the afternoon!

Now, what should you do with the left over "soaked-ground-squeezed" out almonds?
Definitely not throw them away!!! You can still use them!
Here is a recipe that we came up, it's delicious.

Prep time: 5m - Makes 8 balls


- All the left over ground almond (from nut milk recipe)
3 spoonful of chocolate powder (if raw put 2 only)
- 2 spoonful of Vegan Organic Hemp Powder
-2 spoonful of maca powder
-3 spoonful of agave syrup (or homemade dates sweetener) 
- shredded coconut (optional)

Put the ground almonds onto a large bowl, then add the chocolate, hemp poweder, maca powder in.
Mix the lot. Add the agave and mix once again. 
Make little balls out of the mixture with your hands. If you want, roll them on a plate with shredded coconut on it. (You can then call them: Chocolate Snow balls!)

Place in the fridge and enjoy cold!

These treats are brilliant: gluten free, dairy free… so packed full of energy!
Easy and cheap to make (energy balls in the health shop cost about £1.70 each)
You can make your own recipe by adding your favourite super foods, such as: goji berries, seeds, or coconut oil instead of agave.

Hope you'll love these as much as we do.
Have a great week!

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