27 October 2013

Do you think I'm nuts?

Here 2 Nuts-based recipe to prove you right!

Prep time: 5m - Makes 700ml Nut Milk


- Handful of Organic Almonds / or other nuts (experiment with it!)
- 700ml Water
- A pinch of salt
- 2-3 Dates (optional)

1)Soak the almonds overnight. Once soaked, rinse well with fresh water.
2) Place the nuts in a blender with 700ml water (and dates) and blend away.
3) Place a cheese cloth (I use this one) onto a large bowl, and start squeezing the 'nut milk' from the bag. Squeeze until no more liquid comes out.

And there is your Nut Milk, right there!
Enjoy as it is, or with cereals in the morning…

Mix with ice and chocolate/bananas/strawberries to make a nutritions milkshake in the afternoon!

Now, what should you do with the left over "soaked-ground-squeezed" out almonds?
Definitely not throw them away!!! You can still use them!
Here is a recipe that we came up, it's delicious.

Prep time: 5m - Makes 8 balls


- All the left over ground almond (from nut milk recipe)
3 spoonful of chocolate powder (if raw put 2 only)
- 2 spoonful of Vegan Organic Hemp Powder
-2 spoonful of maca powder
-3 spoonful of agave syrup (or homemade dates sweetener) 
- shredded coconut (optional)

Put the ground almonds onto a large bowl, then add the chocolate, hemp poweder, maca powder in.
Mix the lot. Add the agave and mix once again. 
Make little balls out of the mixture with your hands. If you want, roll them on a plate with shredded coconut on it. (You can then call them: Chocolate Snow balls!)

Place in the fridge and enjoy cold!

These treats are brilliant: gluten free, dairy free… so packed full of energy!
Easy and cheap to make (energy balls in the health shop cost about £1.70 each)
You can make your own recipe by adding your favourite super foods, such as: goji berries, seeds, or coconut oil instead of agave.

Hope you'll love these as much as we do.
Have a great week!

25 October 2013

Halloween special - Part 1

Hello dearest,
Hope you are doing really well!
I'm getting excited about Halloween. As usual we are going to have a dress up party!
I got my costume (pumpkin), except, turns out it's massive and does not fit me! So i'm hunting down another dress, and I hope it will come it time for next week. 

Ѽ Got my pumpkins!  Ѽ
{i'll post some pictures in the coming week}

and i'm going to make some bake and prepare some Halloween Vegan treats. Perhaps these brownies are going to be part of the menu' - decorated with some orange peel… as they are just so amazing!
But I will definitely experiment some new recipes too:
I already got some ideas… Here is my Halloween pinterest board!

I also created Halloween Party invites 
You can instantly download this from my shop
They are only $4 (£2.53) and you can print as many as you want!

Or you can get these little cuties:
I do them as gift tags or mini party invites

More coming up soon,
in the meantime Happy Harvest and Happy Halloween!


12 October 2013

The Global March Against Monsanto and other GMO companies - 12 October 2013

So excited to share!
Today I took part in The Global March Against Monsanto in London.

It was a beautiful sunny day, and the protest was completely peaceful, super positive and wonderfully organised. It is so good to make our voices heard in a peaceful way.
Ultimately I think Monsanto and all of the other GMO companies will carry on doing what they are doing.

The only real way to stop them from taking over is to STOP supporting the companies that use GMO.
Do you know which one they are?

I saw some people today marching against Monsanto today, some angry people. Some were shouting loudly to make their voices heard. But, they were also smoking tobacco… Did you know that 90% of tobacco is genetically modified? I also saw people drinking ordinary coffee. Coffee, unless it's organic and unless its fair-trade, its Genetically Modified. I am not here to judge, at all. I just want people to think. Go to a protest just isn't enought to change the world. You've got to do it, every day, for the rest of your life. You've got to commit to your cause and do the best you can. You've got to think, you've got to connect the dots. Because it is as a cunsurmer most and foremost, that you are making the difference in tis world. You can choose who to give your money too. If you are having Kelloggs' cerals in the morning, guess who you are giving your money to?

GMO hides in so many 'innocent' - 'good for you' foods and products. A good way to find out which ones are the GMO friendly companies, is to look at the ones went against the GMO labelling bill, known as (Yes on 37). Also, another good way, is to buy and support Organic and Fair-trade.

I heard some people today that asked the crowd to support the "Local Farmers Markets". I went to the local markets here in Dorking, Surrey, and I have never once saw a farmer there. All I saw where business people who shop at the big market in London and buy imported food from abroad. I never once saw an organic piece of fruit and veg. So, I personally do not believe in the 'Local Farmers Market' - but I know that this cannot be the case everywhere. There must be places out there, where organic farmers actually sell their organic produce. There... support them. Ask questions, seek answers. Don't just assume because you buy it locally, it is actually local and GMO free. This is especially true for meat produce. It may be local, but if the farmer is feeding the animal non-organic feed, chances are that feed contains GMO in it. You've got to know where your food REALLY comes from.
Let me close up these reflections on a positive note.

It was great to have some celebrities to support our cause! A big thank you to Doreen Virtue and Radleygh Valentine two great Hay House Authors. It was great to see you both and to march side by side!


Thank you so much for taking part!

07 October 2013

My Vegan Chocolate Brownies

Right, so yesterday I went to a fair and there were lots of nice stalls selling delicious cakes. However, none of them were vegan!!! So I came home a little bit dishearten and with and intense desire for a chocolate brownie. In the kitchen I went and began experimenting! 

Here is my recipe; try it out and let me know what you think. To me, these are the best chocolate brownies I had ever tasted. And most important, they are totally, unequivocally, cruelty free!!! It's a naughty recipe, because there is a lot of sugar; however, I can assure you that even one tiny square of this delight is rich, filling and satisfying. 
This recipe makes A LOT of brownies. You can make a load and freeze a few, or share them with friends and family. Or… since it's October why not make this as Halloween treats?
(If you do make them for Halloween, I would recommend leaving the nuts out)
They are chocolaty, rich, intense, quick and cheap to make!

T H E   R E C I P E 


350g organic plain flour
180-200g organic sugar (to taste)
1 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon baking powder
65g organic & fair-trade cocoa powder
handful of chopped organic pecan nuts

250 ml rice bran oil (or another good quality vegetable oil but needs to be tasteless)
300ml warm water

P r e p a r a t i o n: 

{Preparation time 5 minutes}

In a large bowl mix all the dry ingredients:
flour, sugar, salt, baking powder, cocoa.
Once is all well mixed add the oil, then mix. 
Add the water, mix.
Add the chopped nuts.

Place the mixture in a lined baking tray.

B a k i n g: 

If you only use one ceramic tray (like I did) cook for at least 35min at 180*; then check if they are cooked, however you might need to cook them for another 10-15 minutes according to the oven you are using.

If you spilt the content in two lined metal trays cook for 25min at 180* then check with a knife if they are ready (dig the knife into the cake, if knife comes out dirty they need extra cooking, if it comes out clean they are good to go)

Once they are out of the oven wait 10 min before cutting them into squares.
Leave to cool before eating.

I hope you enjoy this.
Have a wonderful week



06 October 2013

Wrap it up! New Gift Tags in store...

 I just added some new gift tag design to my shop!
Here they are:

{click image to enlarge and browse}

You can either choose to have the full collection or one design.
Each gift tag is printed on recycled paper, cut out, sprikled with fairy dust and shipped worldwide within 2 days of purchase!

and since is almost halloween…
Here is a special edition one, ideal for party bags!

Much love

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Have a great monday fellow Artists, you rock!

much love,


04 October 2013

Winter works

Now that it's getting 'autumy' I can really starting getting serious about creating my new Christmas designs. I can't bring myself to work on them in the summer! 

Here is a sneaky peek of what I'm working on at the moment.

Hope you like it!
This little deer has got the same matching scarf as this little fellow!
ah, ah! maybe they bought it in the same shop? maybe they are best friends? maybe they knitted each others scarves? Stay tuned…  More little beauties coming up soon…

Have a great Friday!

03 October 2013

All things orange

To celebrate the arrival of Mr Autumn I've dressed the blog in warm tones of orange!
I hope you like it.

I am seriously thinking about adding one of those features that makes leaves fall down the page. I know it's cheesy, but cheesy it's good sometimes, (in small doses).
Actually I have not been able to find a decent script so far, so no leaves falling as yet! Give me a shout if you find some cute ones somewhere… thanks!

Here is something else orange, a delicious juice recipe!

Carrots x 3-4
Orange x 1
Ginger x 1 bit
Apple x 2

drink up right away and smile!
Have a great day.


02 October 2013

Ⓥ Birthday Party Invites

In less then month time it will be my second Vegan anniversary, and short after that it will be my birthday! (By the way, click here for amazing vegan cake ideas) So, I got inspired. I began thinking about all of the little children out there that are having Vegan Birthday Parties like myself, and they want to let their friends know, in advance, in a nice way.

So, here they are, brand new, vegan printable birthday party invites are arrived in store!

and here
{non vegan option is also available}

have a great Thursday