27 September 2013

Vanessa (working in progress)

Working on this cheeky little thing today.
I'll be posting more pictures soon!

{Click to enlarge these images}

First stage: the drawing is beginning to take shape

Second stage: adding warm tones for the fur and the background.
Vanessa is getting cuter!

25 September 2013

it's time

It's time for people to open their eyes and wake up to the TRUTH.

I recommend the viewing of this film, which is life changing.

And if you wonder why you should watch it, then please take the time to see this short interview with Shaun Monson, director of Earthlings (2005) and Unity (2013)


Ahimsa and Satya

23 September 2013

Baby Rose

Working on this little baby today…
I called her Rose.
I love working with pastels... 

{click to enlarge images}

Here some work in progress pics!

 Much love


21 September 2013

I am in ♥ with this album

x thank you Ruth x
i am eternally grateful for the seeds you planted in my heart with your songs.

अनन्त        रति     तु  शान्ति
  a n a n t a   r a t i   tu   z A n t i

20 September 2013

Daily Reminder: enjoy each moment

a recent family tragedy has made me realise just how delicate and precious life is.

so, dearest, this is my message to you today.

i wish you all a beautiful day.
enjoy each moment as if you where born to live IT fully. have no regrets. live from the heart.
forgive with love and grace. 
may you be blessed with much joy and gratitude.


x Ahimsa and Satya x

18 September 2013

Surrey delights ~ part I

I've been collecting pictures of the area where i live and i thought i share them with you guys.
More coming up :) it's the 'surrey delights collection'.
hope you'll find it cute, inspiring and interesting.

{click to enlarge images}

Much love