08 June 2013

it's all happening

 Hello Darlings,
I hope you are having a wonderful week end!
I haven't posted very much in the last few months, because as you know I was getting ready for my Surrey Open Studios. Lots of painting, printing, ordering, cutting and glittering went on…

It has been pretty hectic. However, I did it in the end...

I also been training with uphill running (those of you who follow me on twitter know all about it it of course...) Is all going really really well, and I really appreciate your support and your patience while I'm not posting quite so much as I used to, and you are still sticking with me. I hope to be able to post a bit more in the coming months, however, I am beginning to use online networking more and more these days, just because I can do it 'on the go' from my mobile and such. So I really hope that you will come on over to Facebook and Twitter and find me there to get daily/weekly updates as well as coming to the blog; I have some very exciting projects I'm working on and I really look forward to share them with you and hear your thoughts and comments about them! Thanks guys :)

Today was my first day at Surrey Open Studios. It was a beautiful sunny day so I was able to have my door open all the time. This is the 'children illustration' side of the studio. I will share more pictures of the rest of the studio in the coming days. 

This week I have also been at the Pop Up Gallery sponsored by Transition Dorking a wonderful local organisation. I am meeting so many nice people both at the Gallery and at Open Studios.
My works at the Gallery are up there until tomorrow evening, so do pop in to see them there!
I have prints, (framed, unframed) cards, and other cute things you are going to love.

Right... I'm off to sleep land now, because tomorrow I have another very early start.
I hope to see you HERE THERE and EVERYWHERE soon! 
Much love
Ahimsa and Satya

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