17 March 2013

Fairy Memories + Music from Heaven

Hollo my lovelies,
I hope you are having a lovely sunday. 
I adore Sundays!

Today I'm doing a bit of painting, a bit of baking, a bit of everyday life things; including downloading images form my camera to my computer. 

So here i have the images from the Fairy Fair that I told you about:

I am also totally addicted to  seem not be be stopping listening to Cloud Atlas Soundtrack.
I think it's just DIVINE…

Have a great day


15 March 2013

Spring is in the Air!

We are all looking forward to the spring…
that's why I'm celebrating with a special discount…

Enjoy 20% off when you spend at least $20 in store!

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Hurry! is valid only until March 31st...

06 March 2013

Cloud Atlas

I give this film:

And I highly recommend it to you all.
Here is the trailer:

And inside look at the movie: