18 February 2013

Cute little Lamb - March Cover for Capel Mag

Hello sweet hearts!
March is almost around the corner… and so is Mother's day!
Here is a sneaky peek of my Mother's day inspired cover for the Capel Magazine.

'Compassion for Mother and her Baby' Pencil on paper (4 x 6 inches)

I recently found out a bit more about wool in this Peta video and I was utterly shocked.
I love Lambs, they are such gently creatures. Yet we treat these animals with no respect whats so ever; like we own them, and we are totally entitled to their life's no matter what. We have no respect and we just take, take and take, without giving anything in return. We steal their babies, so we can eat them; we steal their wool in such ungodly manner and leave them naked.

Having been Vegetarian for two years and now Vegan for over one year, I have only just realised about the unhappy truth about wool as well as of all the other animal products that I abstain from consuming. So I and decided to go wool free.
I feel very sad about this, because I love wool. It's cosy, warm, soft and snuggly. I know for sure that if animals where treated with the outmost love and respect, I would buy it. But this is very rarely the case.
When you purchase wool, you also purchase the suffering, the pain of the animal, and this is not what i stand for, and certainly not what I want to put on my body!

I have however seen this video which gave me much hope...

This is the story of Jack Black, a sheep saved from slaughter and brought into this vegan sanctuary, where he leads a very happy life surrounded by humans who respect him. See him in this video! He is the cutest ever; he loves getting a brush, and Madeleine loves getting the wool to knit herself! Don't you think then natural wool she harvest looks just amazing? I don't know why we bother colouring these fibres, they look great as they are!

Much love and peace to you all...

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