23 January 2013

Happy 2013 Everybody!

Hello my Darlings
How are you all?
I hope excellent. This is my first post since before Christmas so i want to wish you a very Merry 2013!
Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. Our one was more then delightful.
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We had Christmas with Jason's family this year, and they made it very special for all of us.
Nan always decorates the table so beautifully and Jason's Mum does such a great job with the tree and the decorations around the house.

We also had a post-christmas Christmas just for the three of us. Santa came, left filled stockings for us, we had a lovely roast dinner with veggies and all sorts of vegan delights. Yummi.

This year I have been already that I hardly had time to sit down on the computer. So please aspect a little less posts then usual at least until the spring. As I previously mentioned I'm doing a couple cd covers, one for the band Pilgrim Angry and one for my friend Pamela who has created a wonderful meditation album. These are a few sketches I did for a book cover project which I'm no longer working on; but they are cute and I just wanted to share them with you.
I actually really like this character I created so I wouldn't be surprised if she was to make other appearances on paper in the in the future!

 I used a new technique I hadn't tried before: drawing on tracing paper. It's a little bit more effort to get the colours to come our right because the paper isn't very porous, so if you try it out you will use more graphite, bare in mind. However, the awesome thing about using tracing paper is that you can move the image you crated on a background where ever you wish and work things out without re-doing lots of sketches on the second stage of your illustration process.

I'm recently been approached by a writer for another illustrating project.
So it is all very exciting and I shall let you know more about it in the coming months, however, I won't be sharing any images of that project until it is finally published.

What else? Well... I have started uphill running, a 40 days training challenge which is super cool.
I received a Champion Juicer 2000 for Christmas - these juicers are awesome, it will just about juice anything. So this allows me to drink wonderful juices everyday and also make frozen desserts, which i LOOVE.

I've been back to Italy this last week end and surprised my brother on his Birthday!
When i came home i found wonderful snow all over Surrey, everything looks enchanted, (although most people are complaining about it)… I personally adore snow, and so does Twist.
People say it caused incidents on the roads, so I tell them that it is not the snow that causes incidents is that people don't know how to drive in the snow.
My trip back from Italy was severely delayed and I got home at 3 am. however, I was astonished of how many hard working people were trying to speed up things at Gatwick airport and therefore i send them blessings and thanks for being so great. BA even gave me a voucher for a meal at the Venice airport which i thought was so sweet and kind.
Come on guys, it's 2013, we must stop thinking negatively and focus on the positive. There are so many good things out there, you just have to look for them.

Many blessings for a wonderful 2013!


  1. Your drawings are really lovely! Here's to being positive for 2013 and I hope it is good for you! :)

  2. Thank you Busy Little Chicken :) Happy 2013 to you x


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