19 December 2012

Keeping it Local

Hello dears,
How are you all?
I'm wonderful since it is the week end and I love week ends.
In fact, I adore them. Who doesn't right?

This week end I got to see some friends I haven't seen in ages, some family also, gone on some great frosty walks with Twisty and also…

yeah... Did manage to do some work as well, which is reassuring…!

I did a cover for this sweet little parish magazine which is just adorable. I love things like that! The illustration had to be in black and white so I chosen to use ink pens and pencils and to draw a local view (the Capel Mill - you can google it :)
I had so much fun doing it!
Next week?
Well, lots of things, but above all, I'm reading a manuscript for which I'll be doing some illustrations for. I'm starting with sketches and you might well see the book up on the shelfs of bookstores one day, who knows? Won't spoil any surprises for the coming year or years, but keeps your eyes open for it ok? Don't worry, I'll definitely let you know if and when it comes out (probably even post a 'Buy on Amazon' button too! ah ah! shamless plug. Well why not indeed, it is my blog after all...)

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