01 December 2012

Custom Thank you cards + Blog New Winter Look

Hello my lovelies, how are you all?
I hope great.
Birthday celebrations have just come to an end for me.
On my return from Italy I had a beautiful celebration with my hubby and my dog twist, how bought me lovely gifts and made me a beautiful vegan cake. I opend all my cards on my Birthday and lined up all the presents to appraciate each and everyone of them.

Jason, Twist and I also went away for five days in the Lake District which was wonderful. (I will post a picture of two next time I log in).

So now it's the time to sit down and write all my thank you cards to the lovely people who made my Birthday a very special day indeed (or days I should say).
Being an illustrator and all I decided to design my very own personalised one which i thought was rather cool.
Here a few pictures of the working in progress and the final cards...

So sweeeet!


Please say bye bye to pink blog for a little while

and welcome the new winter look for the blog!
I hope you like it. It's the 1st of December tomorrow and I really wanted to spread the Christmas spirit on the site!

Our Christmas tree is up now, the first advent candle will be burnt in the morning, the first advent calendar window opened and the first chocolate eaten…!

All of our Christmas shopping has already been done in plenty of time; we were so lucky as to find all our beautiful pressies on our holidays and trips this year. I even already have birthday presents for friends and family up to April 2013! Love it…

Now all we have to do is sit by the fire, relax with a cup of mulberry punch and enjoy wrapping all gifts and writing the beautiful sparkly Christmas cards…

Much love to you all
and Happy First of December…
the first day of Christmas!


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