06 November 2012

Bring on the Autumn

Hello Darlings,

I hope you are all well.
This month has started off in a really jolly way for me. We had a Birthday/Halloween Party at my sister in law last week end. If you are following me on Twitter you know that this year was dressing up as Snow White, and that Jason was the Huntsman, it was really good fun. I had even found the perfect red apple (red devil variety - grown in sussex!)
I was thrilled with my medieval costume because it was really fairy-tale like...

As you can see it's green and red, just like in the movie.
I'm seriously considering using it as a Pixie costume this Christmas... it's too beautiful to be kept in the cupboard! Also it just needs a green hat and pointed shoes with bells!

Right now I'm writing to you all from Italy where I'm having the best time. Weather it's amazing, sunny and crisp. 

I'm back next week working on all sorts of projects such as covers for Pilgrim Angry, a new music video for Silicon (I did some shooting of clouds on the plane to Venice) and I'll be working on some animation projects such as 'Above the Mountain' and 'The Hedgehog and the Snowman'.

To see more regular updates of those you can subscribe for my HitRECord uploads and my Facebook Art Page.

Much love to you all,
until next week



Give me all the flickering lights...

Hello you guys,
 hope you are well.

If you are following my work on my Facebook Art Page, you already know all about my latest video art projects.

If you are not... well...why?!
Only kidding... if you are not, this is your update.

I fell in love with Wirrow's poem instantly.
I used my autumn footage from my video 'trip home' and music by Eaneikciv (things, a tiny tune).
More work by these artist an be found on their hitRECord page, please check them out!
I left images quite raw.
I hope you enjoy it. have a smashing week!