05 October 2012

The Darkest Hour Project

 Hello you guys,

Happy October everybody!

We are having a Halloween/Birthday party this year, like we did last year, so I'm wondering who am I going to go as…

 The theme is Fairytales, so I won't actually wear anything scary… I don't think. Plus Jason and I wanted to go with outfits from the same story. I'll keep you posted...

In the meantime, I have here some sketches and the final work of The Darkest Hour Project, that I was telling you all about in my last post.

I'm so very happy with the final Artwork. It's also so great to have a record of all of the sketches I did and the different stages of the painting and studying process;
I love looking back and see how the artwork has evolved since the beginning. 

Colour Sketch - Watercolour on Paper

Colour Sketch - Watercolour on Paper

Pencil Sketch of the Final Artwork Sketch

Final Artwork, almost completed

Completed Artwork. Acrylics, watercolours and inks on paper + lots of time.

It's really nice to see it completed.
This week end I'm working on some brand new children illustrations, as well as re-doing my hanging baskets with teeny tiny violas and super cute white cyclamens!

Hooray for flowers!

I have lots of other projects lined up, so stay tuned to see more sketches. Also if you haven't already come and join my facebook pages, 'cos I tend to post there more frequently and while painting! You also get to see lots of working in progress pictures and other etceteras.

Much love...

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