29 October 2012

Sacre - Blood Runs Deep Video for Silicon

Hello you guys,
I hope you are all well and had a smashing week end.

Despite not having been to well this past week, I have not stopped working.
I release three videos this week and this is one of them:

Silicon - Blood Runs Deep (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

To find out more about Silicon you can visit:


Check it out and give it some love!!!

15 October 2012

Mark's Portrait - Version n* 2

Hi guys!
I realised that the first version of my Time Lapse painting was a little too long; so I made it faster!

 I hope you like this.

Have a great week,

14 October 2012

Halloween Fever - Part II

 New in!
Party invites!

Hello my sweetie pies!
So I was thinking… for all of you who are having a wonderous Halloween Party…


So here we are:
you can find these clever peeps (Downloadable Pdf Files) in my shop!

13 October 2012

Halloween fever

Hello darlings,
how are you?
I hope you are having a great week end.
sometime on Friday a few of the creatures that i invented demanded hat I did halloween costumes of them. Would you believe it?
Well, what else was I gone do?

So here we are!

Happy October guys!

11 October 2012

Bee Cards now in store!

Hello Sweeties,
I hope you are all doing well.
I'm really excited about my new range of Bee cards for many occasions:

 and Christmas cards also…

I really like this character and I'm thinking I might be doing more artwork with him in the future…

I hope you enjoy them!


08 October 2012

Hooray for Puddles!

Look at this happy pup!
she loves a good old muddy puddle once in a while… especially if she has been playing with the ball and she is all hot!

"In life you must learn to enjoy life's puddles"
Anthony Robbins

Have a great week


06 October 2012

Healthy Light Breakfast

This morning I created a delicious Green Smoothie that I really want to share with the world as it was amazing… I call it:

'Tropical Awakening'

1/4 Pineapple
2 Bananas
4 Cos lettuce Leafs
Coconut Oil / a few Coconut chucks
Coconut Water or Rice Milk

Serve with fresh coconut if desired

I hope you enjoy it!

05 October 2012

The Darkest Hour Project

 Hello you guys,

Happy October everybody!

We are having a Halloween/Birthday party this year, like we did last year, so I'm wondering who am I going to go as…

 The theme is Fairytales, so I won't actually wear anything scary… I don't think. Plus Jason and I wanted to go with outfits from the same story. I'll keep you posted...

In the meantime, I have here some sketches and the final work of The Darkest Hour Project, that I was telling you all about in my last post.

I'm so very happy with the final Artwork. It's also so great to have a record of all of the sketches I did and the different stages of the painting and studying process;
I love looking back and see how the artwork has evolved since the beginning. 

Colour Sketch - Watercolour on Paper

Colour Sketch - Watercolour on Paper

Pencil Sketch of the Final Artwork Sketch

Final Artwork, almost completed

Completed Artwork. Acrylics, watercolours and inks on paper + lots of time.

It's really nice to see it completed.
This week end I'm working on some brand new children illustrations, as well as re-doing my hanging baskets with teeny tiny violas and super cute white cyclamens!

Hooray for flowers!

I have lots of other projects lined up, so stay tuned to see more sketches. Also if you haven't already come and join my facebook pages, 'cos I tend to post there more frequently and while painting! You also get to see lots of working in progress pictures and other etceteras.

Much love...