10 September 2012

Cheeky Sneaky Peek

Hello Darlings,

Hope you had a lovely week end.
Here in Surrey it has been wonderful.
Twist and I adventured in some lovely walks that we had never attempted before.
At one point i really did not know where the path would lead me, or where the heck we were.
but we just carried on intrigued anyway, and, all of a sudden, we ended up 100 yards from home!
Its an amazing sense of achievement for me not getting completely lost!
Epecially when im driving. Oh thank heaven for sat nav's and postcodes
- I love you postcodes! -

anyways… going back to our sneaky peak…
here there is:

i'm doing final touches with ink pen today and then I shall crack on with the cards designs process…
I'll keep you posted.
In the meantime have a wonderful day


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