12 September 2012

'Darkest Hour' Project

Hello darlings,
Very exciting project I'm working on at the moment, I thought I give you a sneaky peak of the pencil  sketches I did so far. 

This is are illustration for the album The Darkest Hour for composer Ian Livingstone (Release early 2013)
 Stay tuned for more colour sketches coming up soon...

10 September 2012

Cheeky Sneaky Peek

Hello Darlings,

Hope you had a lovely week end.
Here in Surrey it has been wonderful.
Twist and I adventured in some lovely walks that we had never attempted before.
At one point i really did not know where the path would lead me, or where the heck we were.
but we just carried on intrigued anyway, and, all of a sudden, we ended up 100 yards from home!
Its an amazing sense of achievement for me not getting completely lost!
Epecially when im driving. Oh thank heaven for sat nav's and postcodes
- I love you postcodes! -

anyways… going back to our sneaky peak…
here there is:

i'm doing final touches with ink pen today and then I shall crack on with the cards designs process…
I'll keep you posted.
In the meantime have a wonderful day


09 September 2012


Hello Everybody,
how is it going?

I hope great.
We have had quite a bit of celebrations in the last 2-3 weeks.
first, Jason and I celebrated 9 years of being a couple on the 16th August, then our first Wedding anniversary on the 22nd, and then, Jason's Birthday.
Our house is covered in birthday flags, balloons and all sorts of birthday and anniversary cards.
It's lovely! I love celebration times!

This was Jason's beautiful vegan chocolate birthday cake, made by Vicki.
It was AWESOME! 
sort of like a cheesecake type of thing.
I looove vegan cakes. they are yummi and healthy, so you can eat as much a you want!

mmmh… delish!
On that note...

What do you think of this pretty bee birthday cake here?
i thought to myself, if bees were to celebrate birthdays, what cake would they make?
so i decided it was going to be a pollen cake filled with rose scented honey…

here a sneaky peek of the working in progress illustration...

Tune in tomorrow for more colourful bee sneaky peeks!
Have a great sunday



08 September 2012

Out of the Blue

Hello Darlings,
wonderful news!

Pilgrim Angry's Out Of The Blue debut Album is now available in many stores:

This is a sneaky peak of the booklet illustrated and designed by me:

02 September 2012

Holiday Scrapbook

Hello Darlings,
How are you all? I hope great!
I have been keeping very busy lately, and haven't had much time for either gardening, baking or blogging! I do miss it a lot though!
Here is a mini scrapbook of my Holiday to the Isle of Wight this Summer. We had the most amazing time there. So much nature, beautiful sandy beaches, and clear blue skies…

{click image to enlarge}

From left to right:

1. National Trust property in Brightstone Bay
2. Me at the Donkey Sanctuary
3. Twist and I at one of the Brightstone Bay beaches
4.Twist resting in a paddle by the beach
5. Being Kate at the Needles
6. Looking out for red squirrels in the forest

Sending much love to all of you