14 July 2012

Update on things

Hello my darlings,

I hope you are having an excellent week end.
I have been keeping busy these last few weeks.
I had great fun at the Butterfly Festival this year, and met some many nice kind hearted people and children! I was indoors this year, since the weather wasn't very sunny.

Now I have many projects to wrap up and finish, and I'm looking forward to the all the projects ahead.

I have gathering information for the development of a new project called

#silentmassacre[1] project,  which is an art-video project to raise awareness about animal cruelty. Those of you who are already a fan on my Giulia Mauri Illustrator fan page know all about it of course…

 If you are not, please swing by to see all the latest there. There are info, pictures, web sites ect. I have also set up a forum and I would love to get some conversation started there also. It was extremely hard for me to look at these videos and images, but i figured I just had to do it in order to then do artwork about it. Can't actually believe things like this happen in the world; it's horrific.
But I also believe that together we have the power to stop these killings and give our animal brothers and sister a chance for life.

I will be telling you more about this project on facebook, as I go, mainly because I want to keep this blog very high vibration, positive and a safe place for children who come here to find images of princesses, unicorns and woodland creatures. (For this reason I will also be removing the video by Peta on the previous post,  and attach it to a link).

See you guys very soon, 

Off to work now, I have to complete some conceptual paintings! 

x much love x


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