19 July 2012

Painting in action

My dearest,
I hope you are all well, and happy.
I'm so excited this week since I have just entered a new venture that I've been wanting to pursue for quite sometime: 

Speed Painting Videos

Now I have a camera, a decent computer, a movie editor program + a tripod.
As Dean says in Serendipity:
'Everything feels great, stars are aligned, body and spirit are in balance"
 it is meant to be.
I did my first one on Sunday and Its was great fun.
You can now see it on my les arts vous télé canal, ah ah.
et voilà:

s'il vous plaît, comme la vidéo!
{don't be mad, but i just love to use french words when i absolutely unnecessary}

20th July 2012

This artwork is now available as iPod and iPhone cases, mounted prints, matte, and canvases…
right here

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