24 June 2012

New desk

Hey guys!
Hope you are having an excellent week end.

 I have been so busy these last week or so, and I don't know where to start...
Commissions are coming in steadily and dozens of projects for my future works are keeping me in a hyper state most of the time.
But the most exciting thing for me has been however the advent of a new studio member:
my new working desk!

Now this is what is was like before. Tiny tiny work space…
the computer was taking much of the space, it it was a very low desk that would have me in a really uncomfortable and unhealthy back position.
You see?

And this is what is looking like now!!!

I have organised the desk in two parts; the left hand side which is the lightest, has my table painting easel, all of my brushes and pencils etc. The right hand side has the computer, printer, pens, notepads, ect, and more often then not, cups of herbal teas or my lunch on there too! 

So who made this dream a reality?
My dear hubby Jason of course! This is a sneaky picture i took while he was working.

I then spent about two days moving things around the room and getting rid of clutter that was hiding in the oddest places. These are still things i need to find a place for, or give away entirely, but I'm pretty happy with the space for now.

I have also been working on this colourful illustration in the last few days, and completed it on Friday: 

Which really puts a big smile on my face when i see it...

Cards & prints featuring this illustration will soon be available for sale in the shop!

Much love to you all,
I will see you guys in a few days for more updates on artworks and other fun stuff.


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