13 June 2012

May is gone but June is here!

Hello hello!

Oh my goodness… I can’t believe that tit’s already the middle of June!
How exciting, summer is here!
May has been such a wonderful month,  I did so much! I love downloading pictures from my camera because I get to see them all again a remember all of the wonderful times. I have created a compilation of my favorite memories for the past month!

(click on image to enlarge)

1.     week end get away in Norman’s bay, Sussex
2.     the breathtaking vie from Beachy Head
3.     Vicki’s Birthday Party
4.     the awesome Snow White and the Huntsman Movie (and the pop corn we had at the cinema)
5.     awesome vegan barbeque at Jason’s parents house
6.     the crazy reinvigorating wind on top of Box Hill
7.     the cheeky squirrel that found the way to get into my window birdfeeder
8.     Twist’s naps on our bed… when I look at her I can’t help to go close to her and snuggle together.
9.     the planting of our two new trees: a pear and a plum! yay!
10. Twist cutest pic.

It has been so awesome I would be happy to do it all again!

But, this month I’m determined to enjoy the piece and quiet of Mickleham before it gets taken over by the Olympic cyclists, which are going to race right outside our house! If you are going to watch it on television you will probably see me in the garden from the areal shots!!! I’ll wave hello to you!

Much love my dearest

until very soon
have a great week!


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