24 June 2012

New desk

Hey guys!
Hope you are having an excellent week end.

 I have been so busy these last week or so, and I don't know where to start...
Commissions are coming in steadily and dozens of projects for my future works are keeping me in a hyper state most of the time.
But the most exciting thing for me has been however the advent of a new studio member:
my new working desk!

Now this is what is was like before. Tiny tiny work space…
the computer was taking much of the space, it it was a very low desk that would have me in a really uncomfortable and unhealthy back position.
You see?

And this is what is looking like now!!!

I have organised the desk in two parts; the left hand side which is the lightest, has my table painting easel, all of my brushes and pencils etc. The right hand side has the computer, printer, pens, notepads, ect, and more often then not, cups of herbal teas or my lunch on there too! 

So who made this dream a reality?
My dear hubby Jason of course! This is a sneaky picture i took while he was working.

I then spent about two days moving things around the room and getting rid of clutter that was hiding in the oddest places. These are still things i need to find a place for, or give away entirely, but I'm pretty happy with the space for now.

I have also been working on this colourful illustration in the last few days, and completed it on Friday: 

Which really puts a big smile on my face when i see it...

Cards & prints featuring this illustration will soon be available for sale in the shop!

Much love to you all,
I will see you guys in a few days for more updates on artworks and other fun stuff.


15 June 2012

Gardening & Painting

Hello my darlings,
I hope you are all well.
I'm excited about the week end coming up, I have so many projects I want to get to!
Along with painting projects, I have my garden to attend.

I'm so h a p p y  that courgettes are growing so healthy in our green house, and also squashes, pumpkins, tomatoes, lettuce…

I'm particularly happy about the squashes because I've grown them from seed that I harvested from a squash rather then coming from a packet!

I'm also experimenting a bit, and growing Goji plants! I have dozens of them... would you like some?

So excited about these also. I harvested the seeds from Goji berries! So easy to do… try it.
And I can't wait to see what the plants are going to look like and whether they'll produce berries!

Art-wise, my notepad is full of ideas for my new artworks!
Is going to be a little bit different this time. I will create a series of affirmation / quotes / words artwork, embedded within the design itself. You know how much I love quotes and affirmations, don't you? I often write things like this in my work, but I want it to be part of the painting itself this time. 
I have a big love for calligraphy and for lettering, this will be my chance to express it!

Last night I completed this new illustration: 

I think it's rather sweet…
I'm doing artwork on larger pads now so it will take a little bit longer, but It will increase the quality of the prints too.

By the way. You highly recommend the latest Doreen Virtue radio show on Hay House Radio, it's outstanding… quite different from usual and very profound. I hope you like it as much as I did. You can listening to it here.  (ps: it will be available free of charge for a week only)
It was so popular that has been put up on Sound Cloud! Now you can listen to it here...

13 June 2012

Shameless Plug Wednesday!

I'm so excited to see my bro's new video game is now available online for sale!
He and his colleagues have worked really hard to bring this to fruition.
Flavio did all of the graphics.

I think it's brilliant, and I'm not a video game type of person either!
The characters are just so beautifully drawn, sooo sweet! And the colours bright and rich.
 Watch the trailer below! It appears that this new template I'm using on the blog won't let me upload you tube videos without messing up the whole page up! How very inconvenient. I will have to find a solution for that… in the mean time, you can watch it  here!

The music is also hilarious!
You can find it here!

Much love


May is gone but June is here!

Hello hello!

Oh my goodness… I can’t believe that tit’s already the middle of June!
How exciting, summer is here!
May has been such a wonderful month,  I did so much! I love downloading pictures from my camera because I get to see them all again a remember all of the wonderful times. I have created a compilation of my favorite memories for the past month!

(click on image to enlarge)

1.     week end get away in Norman’s bay, Sussex
2.     the breathtaking vie from Beachy Head
3.     Vicki’s Birthday Party
4.     the awesome Snow White and the Huntsman Movie (and the pop corn we had at the cinema)
5.     awesome vegan barbeque at Jason’s parents house
6.     the crazy reinvigorating wind on top of Box Hill
7.     the cheeky squirrel that found the way to get into my window birdfeeder
8.     Twist’s naps on our bed… when I look at her I can’t help to go close to her and snuggle together.
9.     the planting of our two new trees: a pear and a plum! yay!
10. Twist cutest pic.

It has been so awesome I would be happy to do it all again!

But, this month I’m determined to enjoy the piece and quiet of Mickleham before it gets taken over by the Olympic cyclists, which are going to race right outside our house! If you are going to watch it on television you will probably see me in the garden from the areal shots!!! I’ll wave hello to you!

Much love my dearest

until very soon
have a great week!


10 June 2012

a little bit different!

Hello my sweethearts,

I am So excited about the new look of my blog!
Summer it's here, i thought it was definitely time to change and swap around things a little bit.
But everything is still here!
I will change more things in the next few days, so just bare with me. it will settle again, i promise.
I want to know what you think though!
Do you like this?
Does pink suits me?
Oh my gosh, I haven't seen so much pink since the third grade.
I'm loving it!

See you soon darlings
much love


05 June 2012

Pilgrim Angry gig

Hello everybody,
Hope you are having a lovely Bank Holiday week end.

Just a quick note here to invite all of you guys from London surrounding areas to Pilgrim Angry's gig tomorrow night at the Escape. 

I will be there too, signing Pilgrim Angry Artwork print
Please do come and joins us, and say hello! 

This is the address:

184 London Road, Kingston Upon Thames

Doors open at 8.30pm

See you there!