20 May 2012

Painting in a Bottle - My new babies!

Hello Darlings,

Happy Sunday! 
I hope you are all well and happy. 
Thank you for joining me, I have some new creations to share with you today!

This is my Little Birdie 'Painting in a Bottle'.

And this one is my Little Owl 'Painting in a Bottle';
These necklaces are adjustable and each of them has two shimmering glass beads dangle along with the illustrated pendant. 

They also come pretty gift wrapped in little organza bags!
You can  find the in the shop!

Much love


14 May 2012

Angelic & Fairy Like Cards

Hello there,
how are you today?
I hope very very well. 
Here in Surrey we had a wonderful sunny week end and I have been enjoying my garden a lot…
When the sun come back I shall be taking some snaps and sharing them with you.
Also, (very exciting news) the blue tits I was telling you about have successfully established their nest, and their babies have now hatched!
Everyday we hear their babies calling out a little bit louder! How sweet.
n the mean time, here what's new in the shop this week:

Angel cards

And 'The Unicorn & the Princess' cards!
The are available single or as part of a set.

Much love



12 May 2012

New! Newsletter!

Hello darlings,
here something new just for you…

I'm now sending out Monthly Newsletters,
and you can subscribe to them by clicking here!

Subscribers will receive inspiring short Newsletters, with snaps of the very latest illustrations and products in store, information about my workshops and events, and best of all, discounts and special offers…

So come on in and join the list!

Happy Bird-Day Cards!

Hello darlings,
Are you having a gorgeous week end?
I am enjoying the sun shine, i tell you! Here now the grass i bright green, the flowers are blooming, the sun feels nice warm on the skin! I have to say that I'm finding it hard to stay on the chair and get the work done in the studio. 
So, I'm making it fun, with loud music, dancing around like mad, and looking out for birds and squirrel that come to visit the bird feeder at the window!

However, it looks as if, I am getting some work done after all.
These are some of the new cards you will find in store:

Some very pretty 'Bird day' ones, 

that come with matching bright green envelopes
(and printed or recycled paper as usual)

Much much love,
Enjoy your special week end