22 April 2012

Post it! Illustrated Notepads

Hello Darlings,
I hope you are well, having a wonderful week end.
The sun is finally shining after a day of wind and refreshing showers. So I will 'post it' quickly before going for a walk with Twist!
These are my new sticky notes 'post it' notepads, featuring one of my illustrations:

I've been using mine regularly, and i love it! they are small, handy and so cute!

And come in sets of 3 and wrapped up in a protective biodegradable cello bags; they would make a lovely little gift. You can find them here!

Much love



20 April 2012

New Range: Painting in a Bottle

Hello my sweetie pies
How are you? I hope great!

Here is a great start to the week end. a New Range in the store now!
How very exciting. I've been wanting make these for ages…!

So this one is Love Teddy on a hot pink organza necklace:

and this is Grandpa Bunny, on a green organza necklace.

The both come beautifully presented in matching organza bags, ready to find a new owner!
New will be coming up very soon.

Also soon I will be announcing the dates of my next Art & Meditation Courses in May and June. To keep up to date with Inner Power & Peace you can visit our blog, and follow us on Twitter, and like us on Facebook.

a lovely day to you


18 April 2012

More Cute Notepads!

Hello my dear ones,
I'm so excited to post more notepads in the shop today!
We have: 'Love is in the air' Notepad with light blue organza ribbon:

'The Princess and the Unicorn' Notepad with glittery Hot Pink organza ribbon

and my favorite…
a little shy and rather sweet robin pad, decorated with a glittery turquoise and off white ribbon

More cuties will be coming up tomorrow…
one word: wearables!

ha! What a joy...


13 April 2012

Illustrated Notepads

Hello my cuties,
I hope you are all well and had awesome Easter holidays!

I have been well, and happy. While everyone else is complaing about the weather, I have been really enjoying it! The rain is very much needed here in the south east, and is bring the garden and the woods back to life…
all of the primroses and violets are flowering, and the bluebells coming up…
The scent is incredible…

Very exciting news: we have activity in the little bird box by the kitchen window!!!
A couple of blue-tits seem to be really interested in making a nest again this year.

This has really motivated me to create a space for these and other much loved birdies.
I've been busy putting up feeders of all kinds, trays of water and grit for their water and sandy baths, even making a vegetarian version of 'suet balls' for them!
(I can give you the recipe if you like)

and I have to say, everyday i can see a wider audience of visitors, and they all so beautiful and i love spying them and listen their voices.

I have a new range of Notepads, today I share a few of them.
We have:

Sweet heart Bunny pad (with pretty pink ribbon)

Blue Birdie pad (with Spring Green Ribbon)

Love Teddy pad (with magenta ribbon)

and Woodland Hedgehog Pad (with wavy red ribbon)

I'm really pleased with these, so there will be more coming up soon.
Of course if you are coming to my Meditation and Art course on Sunday, I will see you there, if not have a good one and enjoy your week end x
Much love
x G x