20 February 2012

trinket box and treats review

hello there darlings,
i hope you are in splendid shape, enjoying the beautiful winter sunshine outside!
Here in Surrey we had a great sunny week end, and all of the snowdrops have come out and it feels like spring is definitely on its way!

Yesterday I have started of yet another large trinket box.

This is actually not so much of a trinket box but a large delivery box for my stationery sets.
I just love pink+white combination, i think is going to look real cute!

Been busy planning for future workshops and working on my 'serious' illustration projects, of which i'm hoping to share very soon.
They are all very cool and I'm really excited about them all!

Where I've been so busy, Jason has been going shopping for me and i love that since I always buys nice vegan treats for me:

Now, the 9 Bar nutty is definitely the BEST ever! It's rich in seeds and nuts, then has a carob coating, that taste pretty much like chocolaty - fudge really. its awesome!!! highly recommend it!
I do like the nakd bars as well, all flavour are lovely, but i do find them a bit like a mini bite really. I would need about two of them at the time i think...
And then dairy free milk choc Buttons. These are nice, but I do like the 'Free From'
(Saisbury) range more, since they have rice milk in them and I really do like that a lot.

I still have 6 Hazelnut Booja Booja left from Valentines, and I'm really trying to savour them and save them as long as possible. Now, if you are looking for a vegan treat, well this is the one! Looks like a truffle with cocoa dusting on the top, but it tastes just so much better!
They don't have any alcohol in them, which i love, and they are so deliciously creamy-buttery inside. If you like Lind's kind of chocolates and looking for a vegan alternative, these are very much like them on the inside, except, they don't make you feel sick after you had one, so much much better.

Have a lovely day


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