27 February 2012

New Trinket Boxes

Hello Sweethearts,
I hope you are all well and happy, and had an awesome week end!

I have a couple of new cuties to show you. They've actually been ready for a while now but I had not had the chance to take put them online until Sunday. They are really sweet!

This is a wooden trinket box with my beloved Narwhal on it, reaching out for a bottle that has a golden key inside.

Colours are gorgeous, my favourite shade of turquoise and light green.
Inside there is a heart that has lovely golden wings, to help it be light and float, happy, in the universe!

This other little trinket box features a bottle with a heart inside it.
is decorated with fairy dust on the top and also inside the box.

On the reverse of the lid there is the phrase 'Love is Key'
and a cute heart shaped key. On the inside of the box a loving big green heart to the colour of our heart charka.

These can be used to store some special somethings, like shells, jewellery, crystals etc.
I hear some lovely people are using my trinket boxes for their long distance sending of Reiki. That is such a wonderful thing and it really makes my heart sing with joy!
Thank you guys :)

Have a great day

x g x

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