27 January 2012

The Portrait Project #1: Announcement

Hi guys,
hope you are starting the week end in a great way. Hope you guys have fun.
got a camera? why not spend the week end taking a bunch of cool portrait pictures of yourself?

well, i'll tell you.
im starting a new project as of tomorrow.

i don't know where this is going to take, and why this project is going to end. but i know, that, right now, this is what i want to do.
it's cool, and it's fun.

right then.
i'll be collecting pictures from family members, friends, and total strangers first.
then, i'll turn those pics into portraits.
right now, i don't know how many i'll be doing, for what i know, this might be a long life project, or only a few months. it's really depends how many people are getting on board, and how much i enjoy doing it.

then, will see.

i'll definitely set up and online gallery on my web site, a facebook group/page where you'll be able to join, meet other 'portrait guys', post your original pictures and comment, basically the whole lot. it will be fun.

I want to take full advantage of the online platform available today.
i'll be posting pictures as i go on this blog, post the blog post on twitter, post the picture on facebook, post videos of me painting on YouTube.

(these, rather then email people their photo - sorry guys, one of me, hundreds of you = impossible. Also much more fun to get everyone involved)

if things go well guys, i'll be looking for a gallery somewhere, hopefully the big L,
(LONDON!) that will support my project and host a proper exhibition.
Will see, probably will have to put the work up for sale so i can buy more art supplies with the money and re-invest in The Portrait Project #2.

But I would also like to put all of the images on Red Bubble so you guys can get a nice good quality print for very little money, to keep as a memory. (think ahead, might be a good xmas present for your mum!)

Right you guys, so this is really cool.

great love, to you all, and all of your beautiful faces, i can't wait to see them all.

and have a great week end.
begin taking those cool pics, NOW!

ps. just stick the pics somewhere online & post the link here.

tweets: #theportraitproject

23 January 2012

a little different

hello hello!
how are you all? i hope great.
here in the studio things are going well, and along with my children illustrations im now working on a series of 'serius' artworks for grown ups as well. poor things, i thought they were getting a bit left out! only kidding.

'Imbavagliata' Watercolour, 420mm x 297mm

I have quite a bit do work on in the next few weeks, so i fear i won't be posting as regularly as i would wish, but i will try to.

sending much much love to you all,


10 January 2012

The Artist's Box

Hello my darlings,
I hope you are all well and happy.
Here in the uk it has been a little dull and grey, but occasionally we also got beautiful ray of light through the clouds, and today I even say a rainbow! So beautiful!

This is one of my latest creations, it's a wooden storage box i choose to paint in pastel colour, that makes it a little retro' and very arty indeed.

this is a snap turing working in progress.
as you can see my desk becomes a real mess when i'm painting!

i wanted to give this box a little extra sparkle, so i used the golden acrylics for all of the precious details and to give a glow within the scalloped frame.

it really makes it stands out quite a bit.

im so in love with it.
its quite personal and autobiographer so i can honestly say, this is one of those special artworks one just wants to keep of oneself and treasure forever. ;)

much love


05 January 2012

I'm back!

Hello my dearest, and happy new year to you!
I hope you had a lovely Christmas.

I cannot believe it it is over already! This year it has really come and gone, ever so quickly! Goodness me!

January the 5th now, looking forward to the spring and catching up with all of the projects i left before the holidays. I'm really excited with one of them in particular, and I simply can wait to share it with you at the end of March…

but for now, sending much love my darlings,
and lots of kisses