20 December 2011

Holiday note

Hello my sweet hearts!
i've been wanting to write for a while but time was really running short this week.
so, i apologise.

I'll be living for italy as 3.30 am today and won't really be able to post until the end of the holidays, on the 5th of January.

The blog and the shop will remain open all of the time of course,
and you can still browse around posts and shop items.
purchases in the shop will be shipped on my return.

I send you all much much love and all of the best wishes for a very lovely Christmas and a beautiful new year.

may it be filled with light, love and joy.



10 December 2011

Bookplates Now in store! + Coupon Codes!

Hello my darlings,
I hope you are all well and having a lovely week end!
Here in Britain it has been a beautiful couple of days, with gorgeous sunshine and really nice crispy air. This morning Jason and I went to town to do the last bits of Christmas shopping. We hit the town early to avoid the crowd, and it was so chilli! But it was worth it.
I'm so please that I got it all done in plenty of time this year!
Xmas shopping can turn into a little bit of a stress isn't?

Today I added new holiday discount codes to The Card Tree Facebook page!
Hurry, they valid only until the 18th December...

And this new cutie is part of the big family too:

Bookplates. Yes! Finally!
I've been wanting to do them in ages! and here they are, even better that i've imagined!

The are real cute. i love the pastel tones of the blue-green and the pink. So girly.
These bookplates measure 10.4 x 7.8cm (4
.2 x 3.1 inches), and they are printed on high quality matte finish adhesive stock.

The come in packs of 6, Beautifully packaged in biodegradable sleeve and recycled card.
So very happy with them, and so looking forward printing more designs soon…

much love my sweeties

07 December 2011

Raccoon cuties + blue cuties

***updated with boxes pictures!***

Hello my darlings,

I hope you are all well and not freezing to death! Here in Surrey it's getting really cold. I don't really fancy the cold weather and I'm struggling to get used to it. But hey, I wrap up in my colourful scarf and hat and try to look at it in a positive and philosophical way.
Perhaps the postman got stuck in a blizzard somewhere
because I'm still waiting for my very important parcel from my printer.
I wasn't really supposed way to talk about this but it has been over 10 days now and I'm a little
put off by the delay of the delivery. There are some very cute things coming up
, hopefully soon!
I won't spoil your surprise, just know that I will be posting new cuties in the store soon.

In the mean time this will have to supply.
I created a Raccoon Stationery set, which you will find in store,

and also Racoon mugs!

I do love this new Raccoon creature of mine. Mugs in the shop are a very new, never-tried-before-thing but I have to say, I do like it, very very much. I'm actually very much looking forward to see all of my creatures lined up on my kitchen counter in the form of cups and mugs! Sweet!!!

At the moment I'm woking on some originals wooden boxes for myself and for the shop.
Inevitably when I do boxes I end up keeping some of them for myself and the studio for supply keeping, secret keeping, doodles holders.

They are just so cute and useful, what can I say... But it is getting a little bit ridiculous with all of these boxes every where. You should see the studio. They are everywhere. But to me they are three dimensional paintings, rather then just boxes.

They have a life and will of their own.

But I will have to be brave this time and put them up in the shop for sale when they are finished, and hopefully before I fall in love with them utterly and completely…

***ps. shall post some pictures of them tomorrow in the day light. it's night time here now and the moonlight isn't quite good enough for picture taking i'm afraid! ***

much love my lovelies


02 December 2011

Owl Writing Set

Hello my darlings!
This cute little owl wanted to let you know that writing sets featuring her are currently available at The Card Tree!
here they are:

The sets are pastel blue/green, with pink decorative flowers all around…
so cute!

The sets are printed on recycled paper as usual and are packaged in bio-sleeves.

I hope you guys have a great week end...
much love