15 November 2011

Tea at Jane's

Hello my dears,
Guess what? We recently visited the beautiful home of Jane Austen! Is located in the idillic village of Alton, in Hampshire.

It's a gorgeous cottage, with a large wall garden and nice size rooms, as they would say here!
It was a very magical trip. I've been wanting to see it, since, well... forever.

Going in the autumn meant that there weren't too many tourist around, so I could really spend ages looking at things.

We saw her carriage (super cute by the way),
the table where she used to write her novels from, which looks out of the road (I guess it must have been a path in her time)

We saw her books,
the first edition of sense and sensibility (the written by a lady thing really caught my attention)!

And I admired the original illustrations for Pride & Prejudice. The Above it's a classic!

This was Jane's beautiful piano, and this is a replica of her bed:

This is Jane's silhouette which hang on the wall of her bedroom:

I loved it so much that I bought myself a cup that features it! Yay!
There where two gorgeous replica outfits:

Loved the handmade trims, laces, corsets and buttons.
There where also various accessories and belongings of Jane and her family,

and two beautiful hats

worn by actresses in the adaptation of Sense & Sensibility by Ang Lee.

They showed us a documentary of Jane's life, and by going to see her place i discovered so much more about her. I feel like i can understand a lot more, and most of all, what she was writing about…

I hope you enjoyed this my lovelies!
take care

much love


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