31 October 2011

Disaster has struck

In the kitchen.

Yep. Our freezer has packed up while we where away during the week end.

I have about 10 loafs of defrosted bread,
A large bag of defrosted harsh browns
and 2 tubs of homemade ice cream that will need eating.

Because, I can't possibly get rid of this amazing homemade ice cream,
(which might actually be the last real ice cream i'm eating since i'm going vegan, on world vegan day, which is tomorrow)

If you would like to give this sauce/ice cream a go,
here is my homemade improved recipe:

Banoffee Icecream

300ml organic double cream
300ml organic milk
100 gr organic sugar
2 organic eggs yolks
4 medium sized organic bananas (smashed)
4 spoons of caramel sauce (or more)
1 vanilla pod

stir the egg yolks with the sugar, mix well.
add cream and cook until it starts boiling.
take of the hob, add all of the other ingredients.
Let it cool for a while, then pour into the ice cream maker bowl.
Let chill for at least 40 minutes in the icecream machine.

store in the freezer…
(or let it melt and use it as a sauce!)
i am going to try a vegan version of this. one improved I shall definitely share ;)

much love!

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