17 October 2011

Wedding Memories

Hello my Darlings!
I hope you are wonderfully well!
I'm very well, had the most gorgeous time in my fairytale wedding in Italy this summer and our lovely honeymoon in Croatia…
We got married in the charming village of Cison di Valmarino, famous for it's wonderful views over the vines and the pre-alpes. Amazing...

I had the most gorgeous handmade wedding dress, made by my good friend Valery. It was made of pure silk, with a layer of georgette on the top that made it look really romantic and late Jane Austen style.

The corset was also silk, embodied (by myself non the less!) with real 'freshwater potato pearls' (what a quirky gorgeous name uh?! so…me.)

My bouquet was composed of ivory roses, (vendella roses), and it had leaves of ivy. I also had roses in my hair under the veil. The veil also had embroided freshwater pearls on top of the clip, that brought extra light to my hair. It looked so so pretty!

We had drinks and photograps taken at the local water mill, a truly wonderful magical place. We enjoyed every minute of it even though it was 38* degrees!

These are just some of the wonderful pictures that our friend Filippo has take from us. I have no word to describe them other then wonderful! Filippo is such a talented photographer, i do recommend him if you are getting married somewhere in the north of Italy like me! This is Filippo's web site: FilippoFontanive.com

Upon our return to the uk we had another wonderful wedding celebration with family and friends who did not make it to Italy. Again we were blessed with glorious sunshine and we had really lovely time…

I'll post a few more pics soon.
Much love

Giulia x

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