16 June 2011

I'm back with more boxes...

Hello my sweet hearts,
How are you all?! Oh my goodness I cannot believe that my last post was back at Easter!
So much has happened since then but I hadn't had the change to update the blog at all. So I apologise for that my little darlings!

So I start today by posting a few pictures of one of the latest Paper Mache' I've been working on. This is a wedding memory box for Ellen & Steve:

The burgundy and Ivory matches the colours that they have chosen for their wedding.
So, I've painted two love doves on the front, with an horse shoe, and their names on a victorian banner, and sparkles and pearl details all over…
So gorgeous! I love it!

The box is burgundy on the outside of the box and inside is ivory.
There is also a 'Best Wishes' heart at the bottom of the box, which i find so sweet.

I'm totally going to make one of these for my wedding memories too!
More coming up very soon. Stay tuned!
Lots of love



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