24 April 2011

It's Easter!

Happy Easter my sweethearts!
I trust you are having great fun with your family & friends, enjoying all of the lovely meals and little Easter Treats this day has to offer.
Little Blue Birdie also wanted to wish you a very Good Easter!

Little Easter Birdie 2.5"x 3" watercolour

Today Jason and I are celebrating Easter with a lovely veggie barbecue (my favourite!) and a Easter Hunt…

Love to you all

18 April 2011

Just saying hello

Little blue birdie just popped by the blog to say hello to you all!

"Hi" Little Blue Birdie 2.5" x 3" water-colour

And to wish you a gorgeous Monday!


17 April 2011

Easter Owl

Hi ya!
I hope you are having a lovely week end.
Here in England is sunny and spring like, absolutely gorgeous.
I'm so very pleased with my new little easter friend that has join my little cute owl family!
Here it is in all of his cuteness:

Easter Owl 8"x 9" watercolour

Have a lovely Easter week

15 April 2011

Little blue birdie

Hello my sweeties
I hope you are all well! I have a new cutie to share today...

Little Blue Birdie 2.5" x 3" water-colour

I just adore her!
Days in Surrey have been absolutely gorgeous for the last two weeks. 20°+, awesome! I spent all of my spare time outdoors in the garden and with Twist. Jason has put up a beautiful greenhouse and I'm very excited about all of the things we will grow in it…
The last two days have been a little chilli again, so, that's why I'm now indoors doing my homework...