20 February 2011

New Hedgehog Writing Sets

Hello my sweeties,
hope you had a smashing week end...

I was working this week end but I enjoyed the evening at home by the fire. Here it's still cold enought to have a fire and keep cozy indoors!
Last week we went to see Black Swan

and since I love Tchaikovsky and the swan Lake I really enjoyed it.
It was very very dark, more then I imagined it to be and I did have bad dreams for 3 nights in a row! But it was good. I appreciated the beautiful choreography, costumes and music so very much.

In the last week I've been working on these writing sets which can now be found in my shop.

"Just to say..." set

"Hedgehog love"

"Thank you for..." set

"Across the miles" set

These lovelies are printed on recycled paper and come with bright red cherry envelopes.
The sets are wrapped up with biodagradable packaging and shipped anywhere in the world for free!



06 February 2011

A window into the spring

Hello everybody,
I hope you are all well.
I'm enjoying these February days; the evenings are getting longer and they are giving me more time to spend outside, running, walking and gardening...

We have redone one of the beds and filled it with snowdrops, which looks beautiful!
Yesterday I also bought some new cottage garden bulbs and seeds, to plant in the spring. I got Lily of the Valley, Allium (purple) Echinacea (white and magenta) Gypsophila (baby's breath), Chamomile, Forget me not, Harebell, Butterfly Bush, Ageratum & Alyssum... All of my favourites! I cannot wait to see what this bed will look like in the summer!
Not so bare, that's for sure!

I've been working on some new illustrations, (although I have to say, not so much as I would like!) but a little is better then nothing at least.
Here they are some new very pretty designs of Spring Owls. I love owls! The other day as I was coming back from work in the car I saw a beautiful white owl flying just in front of the car about 3 meters in the air. It was amazing!
And this new easel you see it's not just an easel...
da - da!

It's the coolest case ever!!! So, so clever!
I only got it the other day from a charity shop for only £4 and it's brand new!!! How lucky is that! The same day I also found this new Calligraphy set that works just like a pen, and it's so quick to use, not involving getting your fingers black with ink and best of all, you can take it anywhere you like!!!

Finally I'll be able to write my journal using proper calligraphy!

I'm so happy!!!
I also started a new painting, and this one is going to be a very magical one, for our bedroom.

With a very old tree in first ground that has a magical passage door! and the sun rising at the back on the misty forest. I'm really just at the first stage now, but I'm hoping to have it done by the spring.
And... there is more.
Here, my latest dvd: North & South.

I found it on amazon while looking for romantic movies, and it had great reviews and 5 stars.

Well, I had to try it. I have been trying to savour it, because there are only 4 episodes, but I can tell you, it has been so difficult. Once you watch one, you just have to see the following one as well! From the second episode onwards you will absolutely love Mr Thornton, and on the very last episode, especially the last 15 min. you will be madly in love with him! So I also rate this dvd with ***** and recommended it to all!

Have a good one,