20 December 2011

Holiday note

Hello my sweet hearts!
i've been wanting to write for a while but time was really running short this week.
so, i apologise.

I'll be living for italy as 3.30 am today and won't really be able to post until the end of the holidays, on the 5th of January.

The blog and the shop will remain open all of the time of course,
and you can still browse around posts and shop items.
purchases in the shop will be shipped on my return.

I send you all much much love and all of the best wishes for a very lovely Christmas and a beautiful new year.

may it be filled with light, love and joy.



10 December 2011

Bookplates Now in store! + Coupon Codes!

Hello my darlings,
I hope you are all well and having a lovely week end!
Here in Britain it has been a beautiful couple of days, with gorgeous sunshine and really nice crispy air. This morning Jason and I went to town to do the last bits of Christmas shopping. We hit the town early to avoid the crowd, and it was so chilli! But it was worth it.
I'm so please that I got it all done in plenty of time this year!
Xmas shopping can turn into a little bit of a stress isn't?

Today I added new holiday discount codes to The Card Tree Facebook page!
Hurry, they valid only until the 18th December...

And this new cutie is part of the big family too:

Bookplates. Yes! Finally!
I've been wanting to do them in ages! and here they are, even better that i've imagined!

The are real cute. i love the pastel tones of the blue-green and the pink. So girly.
These bookplates measure 10.4 x 7.8cm (4
.2 x 3.1 inches), and they are printed on high quality matte finish adhesive stock.

The come in packs of 6, Beautifully packaged in biodegradable sleeve and recycled card.
So very happy with them, and so looking forward printing more designs soon…

much love my sweeties

07 December 2011

Raccoon cuties + blue cuties

***updated with boxes pictures!***

Hello my darlings,

I hope you are all well and not freezing to death! Here in Surrey it's getting really cold. I don't really fancy the cold weather and I'm struggling to get used to it. But hey, I wrap up in my colourful scarf and hat and try to look at it in a positive and philosophical way.
Perhaps the postman got stuck in a blizzard somewhere
because I'm still waiting for my very important parcel from my printer.
I wasn't really supposed way to talk about this but it has been over 10 days now and I'm a little
put off by the delay of the delivery. There are some very cute things coming up
, hopefully soon!
I won't spoil your surprise, just know that I will be posting new cuties in the store soon.

In the mean time this will have to supply.
I created a Raccoon Stationery set, which you will find in store,

and also Racoon mugs!

I do love this new Raccoon creature of mine. Mugs in the shop are a very new, never-tried-before-thing but I have to say, I do like it, very very much. I'm actually very much looking forward to see all of my creatures lined up on my kitchen counter in the form of cups and mugs! Sweet!!!

At the moment I'm woking on some originals wooden boxes for myself and for the shop.
Inevitably when I do boxes I end up keeping some of them for myself and the studio for supply keeping, secret keeping, doodles holders.

They are just so cute and useful, what can I say... But it is getting a little bit ridiculous with all of these boxes every where. You should see the studio. They are everywhere. But to me they are three dimensional paintings, rather then just boxes.

They have a life and will of their own.

But I will have to be brave this time and put them up in the shop for sale when they are finished, and hopefully before I fall in love with them utterly and completely…

***ps. shall post some pictures of them tomorrow in the day light. it's night time here now and the moonlight isn't quite good enough for picture taking i'm afraid! ***

much love my lovelies


02 December 2011

Owl Writing Set

Hello my darlings!
This cute little owl wanted to let you know that writing sets featuring her are currently available at The Card Tree!
here they are:

The sets are pastel blue/green, with pink decorative flowers all around…
so cute!

The sets are printed on recycled paper as usual and are packaged in bio-sleeves.

I hope you guys have a great week end...
much love


29 November 2011

Pink Bear Writing Set

Hello my darlings!
Can you believe it's already the end of november?
How amazing, less then 4 weeks to Christmas! We will be putting our decorations this coming week end, yay!

I'm really excited today, because i completed 4 new writing sets. This one is one of them, that feautures my Love Bear illustration:

And you can find this cutie in the shop!
More will be coming up very soon!
I'll keep you posted, for sure.

much love


25 November 2011


hi darlings,
this is just a quick snap of what's coming soon!

I have so many new ideas for my new designs and I can't wait to share them with you!
I hope you week end is going well
take care

21 November 2011


Hello darlings,
how are you all?
I'm over the moon today, since we received these two lovely sea urchin lamps in the mail!

They are absolutely gorgeous, and i can't stop looking at them. The infuse a very relaxing yellow light, that makes the room look really beautiful.

so very pleased with them!

much love my dearest!

15 November 2011

Tea at Jane's

Hello my dears,
Guess what? We recently visited the beautiful home of Jane Austen! Is located in the idillic village of Alton, in Hampshire.

It's a gorgeous cottage, with a large wall garden and nice size rooms, as they would say here!
It was a very magical trip. I've been wanting to see it, since, well... forever.

Going in the autumn meant that there weren't too many tourist around, so I could really spend ages looking at things.

We saw her carriage (super cute by the way),
the table where she used to write her novels from, which looks out of the road (I guess it must have been a path in her time)

We saw her books,
the first edition of sense and sensibility (the written by a lady thing really caught my attention)!

And I admired the original illustrations for Pride & Prejudice. The Above it's a classic!

This was Jane's beautiful piano, and this is a replica of her bed:

This is Jane's silhouette which hang on the wall of her bedroom:

I loved it so much that I bought myself a cup that features it! Yay!
There where two gorgeous replica outfits:

Loved the handmade trims, laces, corsets and buttons.
There where also various accessories and belongings of Jane and her family,

and two beautiful hats

worn by actresses in the adaptation of Sense & Sensibility by Ang Lee.

They showed us a documentary of Jane's life, and by going to see her place i discovered so much more about her. I feel like i can understand a lot more, and most of all, what she was writing about…

I hope you enjoyed this my lovelies!
take care

much love


11 November 2011


Happy Birthday Giulia!

it's my birthday!

I already had some pressies, and two birthday cakes (what a lucky girl) but I shall celebrate some more when, on the week end mum and I are going to have a joint birthday party together. So I'm going to make a vegan Birthday Cake. I'm still experimenting,since I never cooked vegan before, but hey, this is fun. Plus, I feel i can eat more cake like this, since it doesn't have any butter whatsoever! Nor eggs! I always thought that if you didn't have eggs you could not bake! This couldn't be further from the truth. So this is handy even if you are not vegan and you have just ran out of some ingredients in your pantry!

Yesterday jumped right into it and made these two awesome cakes,

one for me and one for Jason!

This on is the chocolate cake. Which turned out to be an amazing vegan brownie cake. It didn't rise hardly at all but I think that's fine because it made nice and moist, and very rich.
I can hardly believe that this hasn't got any butter in it.
(apart from the vegan butter+sugar topping, which of course is optional!)
it's Amazing! try it.

Giulia's Vegan Chocolate Brownie Cake

1 cup organic plain flour
1/2 cup sugar
3/4 cup warm water
1/4 vegetable oil
1/2 cocoa
1 tsp vanilla paste or 1 vanilla pod
1 tsp baking soda
1 tsp apple cider vinegar

Mix well all of the dry ingredients. on a separate bowl, mix water & oil. Gently pour wet ingredients over the dry ones stir well to avoid the formation of lumps. When the mixure is nice and smooth (it's quite liqui, and that's OK) pour over your baking tin and place in the oven, 180* (gas mark 4) for 20 min.

For topping, (optional) mix 3 tbsp of vegetable butter with 1/3 cup of sugar and spread over the cake (once the cake is cool). Decorate with chocolate flakes.

This one is a lemon drizzle one. I used the same recipe of the other cake, but instead of adding cocoa and added lemon zest. I also decorated it with a sauce made from the juice from 1 whole lemon and 1/2 cup of sugar. (could get away using 1/3 sugar i think) then poured it straight on top of the hot cake as i took it out of the oven.



09 November 2011

Happy Green Christmas to you

Hello my Darlings,
So pleased today to see that my Candy Cane Tote

has been featured in waterlilyjewels's Time for a Green Christmas treasury list!
it's really sweet, i love it!
I still can't quite believe that Christmas is just around the corner.
Have been trying to get my Christmas shopping sorted early this year, because i do get a little bit stressed out about it. I still need to get a about 4 o 5 presents, but I have all of the others. So now in the evenings I can spend some time wrapping them up while enjoying the cosy fireplace...

08 November 2011


The blog is going to change a little bit in the next few days.
I'm really excited about it.
New pretty girly buttons on the side bar and new pages.
So I do apologize for the mess, everything will be normal again soon, i promise!
much love


thank you so much for your patience! now the blog is finally complete. I hope you enjoy it even more with his new autumn look.
much much love my sweethearts!

Love is in the Air

I don't know about you.
But I love just illustrations with hearts in them.
something about them…
pure cuteness, sweetness, and l o v e.

This is my new illustration that I think has all of the above characteristics!

Love Bear 2.5'x3' inches, Watercolour

I can't wait to print this little buddy on some new products.
(I will post an update as soon as they are up in the shop)

much love my dear readers

*29th November update*

Writing sets featuring this illustration are now available in the shop!

07 November 2011

Nice Read

hello sweeties,
this is the book i'm reading at the moment.

It's really lovely, and i highly recommend it. I also found that Alicia has this amazing blog where she talk about everything, from eco friendly stuff, to rescue dogs and vegan diet.

and i also found this other cute blog today with lots of yummy healthy recipes.
do visit & bookmark :)


06 November 2011

Lucky you!

Hello my sweeties,
I have been trying to paint decent good luck illustrations for a while now.
Somehow they have never worked quite good as I wished.
But I'm very happy to announce that I now have a very pretty Good Luck - Be Lucky illustration:
Lucky Birdie, 3'x2'inches, Watercolour

Oh! So very very cute.
I'm going to create some stationery & cards with this beauty.
Keep your eyes open, they'll be coming up very soon.

x Lots of love x

04 November 2011

uh la la!

what a pleasant surprise i had the other day
When i discovered a sketchbook from last year full of winter cute designs i had completely forgotten all about!

i'm really excited about it and i'm going to dive straight into colouring all of them out in the next few days.


03 November 2011

Halloween Memories

Hello darlings,
Here a few pictures from our halloween week end celebrations!

We have been very fortunate this year, since we had not one but 2 celebrations!
An Halloween/Birthday party (for moi) at my sister in law's up in Lincolnshire

and also a little Halloween celebration on Monday 31st with just the 3 of us.
We carved 3 more pumpkins and made orange halloween soup.

We also watched Constantine, (it's knida of scary)

i received some really excellent presents for my birthday, they deserve a post for it self!
shall post as soon as i sort out the pics. :)
such a treat to have early presents, that i can already enjoy having!

much love,
have an excellent week!

x g x

01 November 2011

Autumn Feature

Hello my darlings,
i hope you had a fantastic halloween celebration and that your are enjoying the autumn!
I had a little surprise the other day when i open my etsy mail.

My Snowdrop Robin letter set was featured! Hooray!
The lovely person who put together this colourful treasure was MiniFood!

How sweet :)
have a great day. more twitting tomorrow.