10 December 2010

I'm Still alive and kicking!

Hello my dearest darlings...
how are you all!
I am still here, alive and kicking!!!

These have been 3 crazy months for me, and I really haven't had any time for my self or my blog. So I do apologize for the much delay of this post!

I have so many nice pics and new artwork to share, and I'm hoping to do so in the next few days and update the blog with all that you've been missing such as:
our new house, decorating progress, halloween parties, my trip to italy, the xmas fair, the snow in England, and lots of very cute NEW artwork.

I cannot belive that it is almost Christmas.
I'm so excited about this time of the year so I'm offering a extra 5% discount voucher (as well as free shipping!!!) for all of my customers who will shop in my store this Dicember.

The voucher is then valid until the Christmas cheer is all nicely wrapped away for next year by the Tree Wise Men at the end of the 5th of January (at Midnight).

So be sure to make your purchases before then!
Sending all my love and warmest hugs and wishes
to all of you,
a big fat kissy kiss kiss.

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